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Motionless, Suzanne gazed across the river at exploding images of destruction and despair as the city she called home had just been shattered. Staring at the billows of smoke that now engulfed downtown, she realized that the world had changed forever. This was not a scene from some far away war torn place. This was New York City.

Her country’s freedom now under attack, Suzanne finds herself without a job and without a purpose. Finding a severance notice in her inbox, she leaves behind her comfortable executive lifestyle and journeys alone beyond her comfort zone to liberate her spirit and claim personal freedom.

Traveling with a sense of adventure in her heart and only what possessions she can carry in a backpack, she finds her way to the far corners of the world where few have ventured. Suzanne takes us on a rich, personal odyssey, returning home one year later to Ground Zero where it all began. As she returns to her beloved city, she is filled with renewed purpose, a broader perspective of the world, and a greater understanding of herself and humanity.

Alone But Never Lonely

12 thoughts on “Published Travel Narrative

    • Ah, Sherry, you are on to me! I am honored! Hopefully you got the e-version, as the publisher set the price. My ramblings are not worth the printed price. 😉

  1. dowloaded Kindle just because of you! … just got your book and am enthralled! I had no idea you were there experiencing 9/11 … I can see I’ll be up a bit late tonight!

    • Thanks so much for your support, Carolyn! Yes, I was there. Check out my post called “The Morning After” in Sept 2012 if you want to see the photos I took as the towers were collapsing. Where were you on “that day?”

  2. Yates was home for school … I was walking behind our couch … the TV was on … I was carrying laundry … I looked at the TV and smoke was billowing … no one knew quite what was going on … a plane had hit the tower.. I sat down and Yates said .. MOM .. we gotta go … I said … something bad awful has happened.. I don’t know what yet… it had just began

    He came in chomping and said like what? it was really scary … we, no one knew if we were being attacked or what? then the second tower and on and on… surreal

    I had to take him to school ~ we turned the radio on ~ I came back and was glued to the TV … surreal~ absolutely just couldn’t grasp what was happening… no one could ~ the second towere … the Pentagon and the third in Pennsylvania … very very scary~ still is~!

    • It sounds like you had one of those “slow-mo” experiences also, Carolyn, where it took some time for the magnitude to sink in, like a delayed reaction. Although the thought of those events still weakens me, I like to think back on that defining moment during that sequence of events when I realized my world had just changed forever. It gives me a much greater appreciation for “the now.”

  3. Just subscribed to your blog after learning of you through your meetings with Nina and Paul. I love your free spirit and philosophy on life and just downloaded your book. Can’t wait to get started on it! Looking forward to coming along on your journey.

  4. Just purchased and read your book. I loved it. Thanks for taking me on your travels through merriment, laughs and wonder. You are so funny! Looking forward to your next travel book.

  5. Just found your blog and plan to follow along, esp. with any woman traveling solo as that will be me if/when I can launch my RV lifestyle. I already travel the world solo and love it. Have never been afraid, however, do wonder about the safety of being a solo RV woman in the US, Canada, etc.. Hope to buy and read your book…don’t have a Kindle, can I read it on-line for a price? Very sorry to hear about the loss of your brother.
    Any chance of getting an email whenever you have a new posting?
    Thanks and a virtual “hug” in your time of sorrow.

  6. We enjoy our 2015 Siesta but driving through Arizona the A/C can’t cool the cab area. My wife made a quick fix by tucking about two feet of a blanket under the cushions of the above sleeping area and letting the blanket hang down behind the driver/ passenger seats. Wow what a difference the cab is cooler and I can turn down fan speed while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

  7. The hot sunshine of Az has dulled the front plastic top of my 2015 THOR Siesta RV. Any idea on how to remove the oxidized dull area and make it shine again?

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