Harvest Moon

We interrupt this blogcast from the Port Townsend 40th Annual Boat Festival for a quick music break.

If you are not familiar with Neil Young’s “Harvest Moon,” do yourself a favor and click on the link or go to Youtube and have a listen to one of the best “feel good” tracks of all time, while you enjoy this slide show of the Harvest Moon, straight from the Strait of Juan de Fuca.

img_7059 img_7064 img_7066 img_7074 img_7082 img_7085 img_7086 img_7088 img_7089 img_7092


(One of these days, I’m going to invest in a tripod.)

img_7027 img_7029

All of these scenes of the preview to the Harvest Moon were taken last night from my parking space at the Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend. Tonight, it’s cloudy, rainy, inky black darkness out there. Just goes to show you, never wait for the main event when the preview might be just as good or better!

“…because I’m still in love with you, Port Townsend….on this Harvest Moon.”

17 thoughts on “Harvest Moon

  1. What an appropriate post as I was looking and trying to photograph the Harvest Moon last night. You got some good shots even without a trip pod. Its difficult to get the exposure right in these type of shots. If you get a tripod, get one that’s easy to carry and will fit into your rucksack, also get either a cable release or a remote control. I keep following you and your travels although I haven’t commented much lately. All the best.

  2. Your moon photos came out much better than ours, but then we didn’t have any water for it to reflect off. That camera does a great job, even without a tripod.
    Neil Young is one of my favorites. Can you believe he is 70 years old?

  3. Ditto all of the above comments…you had me from the song link as this tune is an all time fav. That you complimented Young’s lovely melody with such gorgeous shots of this year’s beauty made way for a wonderfully melancholy few moments in time…

  4. This is so awesome!! I have Neil playing in the background as I read and type. Thanks for including the music link. I’ve always loved Neil Young. Your photos are so nice. It was a beautiful moon here in the east, as well, and tonight is dark and rainy, too. It seems strange we are experiencing the same weather on opposite sides of the country.

  5. Neil Young sailed his wooden schooner into Jalapa Mexico. The cocktail flag was hoisted and the dozen boats anchored nearby rowed over. The video image was just the same look Neil had welcoming us aboard. There is a something-
    -solid-feeling stepping on a wood deck– not to be forgotten. San Diego has a wood boat weekend in June.

  6. Loved you photos and listening to Harvest Moon. Ours was beautiful over the mountains here in NM, but over the water & boats was truly magnificent. I can imagine hearing the water lapping around the boats…..

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