Dominica, The Nature Isle

Dominica, (pronounced Dom-uhNEE-kuh,) not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, this island is much further down south near St. Lucia. Actually a Commonwealth which gained independence from Britian in 1978, this volcanic, mountainous island nicknamed “The Nature Isle” is a part of the Lesser Antilles chain.

I have wanted to visit this island covered in lush rain forest, waterfalls, and volcanic mineral pools since my brother Don and his wife Kathey were there back in 1999.  They reported back on the pristine natural beauty, affordability, and lack of commercialism typically associated with the Caribbean.  When I read the entry line from the Lonely Planet website, “Dominica is the place to go for those who prefer hiking boots over high heels and are content with a nightlife where the only music is the murmur of the jungle,” I knew I had found my place!

Would I still find this a pristine, unspoiled paradise? Please read on to find out…

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