Robbed, No Longer!

Antigua Trattoria Romana

I always have my own personal list of “must visits” when I am in San Miguel de Allende. Such was the case during my last visit, New Years Eve, 2010. High on my list of priorities was a repeat visit to Antigua Trattoria Romana. We typically save this place back for a night out when everyone is growing weary of the regional cuisine, however not this time! You see, last visit, I WAS ROBBED!

No, not THAT kind of “robbed!” I was robbed of the chance to enjoy my favorite place for one of my favorite dishes, Tuna Carpaccio.

Traveling with friends that had never been to San Miguel, there were just so many other “must see” places on the list that Tuna Carpaccio didn’t make the cut until our last lunch on that final day of our departure….which dealt a disappointing blow when we found the restaurant closed for lunch in observance of the New Year.

I was crushed, I tell ya! So I was NOT going to let that happen again this visit! The little Antigua Trattoria Romana was moved up the priority list!

A table by the front door to traffic-watch?

There is something thrilling about sitting behind open doors inside a very old, quaint restaurant precariously positioned in the triangle of a major Y intersection. Looking out the door at the oncoming traffic, one could easily think they had been transported to the frenetic traffic circles of Italy.

Though the restaurant has a lovely Italian menu, we have never managed to make it past the delightful, the delectable, the indescribably delicious paper-thin slivers of raw tuna arranged to cover the entire plate, smothered in olive oil, capers, and razor-thin slices of red onion, with a light dusting of parsley flakes, sprinkled with fresh lime juice. On the side is hot, crusty bread and a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and it does not get much better!

One is never enough!

One plate each is never enough. Half the fun is watching the face on the waiter as we order one, then two, then yes, a third plate of Carpaccio! He laughed and told us the chef peeked out of the kitchen to see out of curiosity, just who was ordering all that tuna!



"Solamente una Vez"

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