Staired Out in Guanajuato

After living in Guanajuato for almost two months, my brother Don sends me an email asking, “Staired out yet?”   Having lived in Guanajuato himself off and on for the past couple of years, he knows what a mental and physical toll climbing 150 steps, about the equivalent of ten stories every day can take.   It’s not just the climb, but the carry.  Continue reading

The Grand Finale and Good Trumps Evil

This is my last post on 2017 Holy Week, I promise.  But as my first “Semana Santa,” there is much to absorb and share.

After two weeks of watching from the sidelines in Guanajuato as the Easter story plays out, the routes, costumes, statues, and backdrop have all become familiar.    As we approach the “Grand Finale” of Easter Sunday, I am curious to know what the celebration is like in nearby San Miguel de Allende, known for its vibrant color and culture. Continue reading

Closing Doors

In years past, San Miguel de Allende has been a regular destination for National Geographic’s week-long photography workshops. While buildings in the main section of historic “Centro” in San Miguel are restricted by the Regulation of Construction to shades of ocre and earth tones, vivid accent colors abound in the form of bougainvillea, hibiscus, and greenery planted in brightly colored pottery. But no accent is more intriguing than the doors of San Miguel. There’s even a book of photography featuring only photos of the ornately carved doors. Continue reading

San Miguel Sunday Hiking Club

It didn’t take long after my arrival in San Miguel to realize I was in hiking withdrawal. After a couple of walks all the way across town to the Mega Supermarket “just to have some place to go,” I realized the cobblestone streets of Centro Historico were not going to be enough to satiate my need for perpetual motion that had plagued me since retirement in October. I still seemed to be suffering from “restless leg syndrome.” Continue reading

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be…

If it’s Tuesday, this must be….market day!

Early Tuesday morning, a steady stream of taxis, delivery vehicles and farm trucks rumble up the hills of the Cuesta de San Jose and Canal Street toward San Miguel’s Tuesday Market, also known as “Tianguis del Martes.”  It only takes place on Tuesdays (ergo the name “Tuesday Market,”) between the hours of 9am and 4pm.   Just the fact that an open-air market of this size, estimated to be as large as three football fields, can set up and disassemble so quickly for only one day a week makes it worth the trip. Continue reading

Same Ole San Miguel?

It was my sixth or seventh trip to San Miguel de Allende. I’ve lost count of the visits there spanning from two weeks to two months since 2007. My brother Don first broke the news that he had read about this mountain town / artist community that some gringos consider utopia in old Colonial Mexico, so he was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser down from Texas for a month to check it out. He had received a book for Christmas, Tony Cohan’s On Mexican Time, a book that would prompt a permanent paradigm shift for us both about our neighbors to the south. Continue reading

Happy in the Jardin

From Thanksgiving amidst the red rocks of the great Southwest to the Jardin at midnight in San Miguel de Allende in one blog post, I have some ‘splainin’ to do.   One of my intentions after retiring was to finally get the blog into “real time,” and we see how that has gone.  I can’t seem to get caught up, no matter how hard I try.  Do I dare make this a resolution? Continue reading