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Motionless, Suzanne gazed across the river at exploding images of destruction and despair as the city she called home had just been shattered. Staring at the billows of smoke that now engulfed downtown, she realized that the world had changed forever. This was not a scene from some far away war torn place. This was New York City.

Her country’s freedom now under attack, Suzanne finds herself without a job and without a purpose. Finding a severance notice in her inbox, she leaves behind her comfortable executive lifestyle and journeys alone beyond her comfort zone to liberate her spirit and claim personal freedom.

Traveling with a sense of adventure in her heart and only what possessions she can carry in a backpack, she finds her way to the far corners of the world where few have ventured. Suzanne takes us on a rich, personal odyssey, returning home one year later to Ground Zero where it all began. As she returns to her beloved city, she is filled with renewed purpose, a broader perspective of the world, and a greater understanding of herself and humanity.

Alone But Never Lonely