Amor por Morelia

I’ve written about the merits of Morelia before.   It’s a great city that offers an abundance of options for many.  But Morelia gets a bit of a bad rap as a tourist destination with “guilt by association,” being the capital of the state of Michoacan where cartel activity has been reported in the surrounding countryside. Even the scariest piece of non-fiction you will ever read, the US State Department travel warning excludes the city of Morelia from its state-wide Michoacan warning.  So worrying about being targeted as a tourist by cartels in the historic centro is like my worrying about getting tetanus from a scraped elbow. Could it happen?  Yes. But not likely. Continue reading

More on Morelia…

There are those towns that you instantly get a “read” on….a good vibe, the minute you step off the bus.  Sometimes that first impression turns out to be wrong, but more often than not, the gut feeling is spot on.   I had about 6 hours to explore Morelia on my way to Patzcuaro last summer, and I instantly knew it was a place I wanted to return to spend more time. Continue reading

Road Trip, Mexico Style!

The three day weekend of Memorial Day offered just enough time for a quick weekend out of town getaway….”a vacation from our vacation.”  Don had been studying up in his Lonely Planet, and found one of Mexico’s “Puebla Magicos,” or magic towns nearby, Patzcuaro.   Situated on a lake in the mountains, it sounded like the perfect getaway. Continue reading