Last Look at Astoria…

There are many things I enjoy about blog writing.   First and foremost, it helps me relive the experiences through writing and photography.  It helps jog my memory of the many wonders I have had the privilege to see, touch, taste, and smell.  And it’s a great way to meet people, having led me to 75% of my current RVing community.

But of my 484 posts here, none have been so fun as my Astoria post from 2014.  I had never had a blog post go “viral” before, but suddenly I started getting comments from people I didn’t know.  Someone posted a link to a local Facebook page, and many Astorians came calling to offer more suggestions.   It was so much fun to have them validate that I had captured the essence of a town for which their affection was so palpable.   For this reason among many, Astoria will always have a special place in my personal history book.

Not only did I want to show Don Astoria, but given how much I enjoyed it last time, it was a “non-negotiable” stop on my return trip to the PNW. Continue reading

A Few of My Favorite Things…

During my 2014 tour through the Pacific Northwest, I must have thought a thousand times, “Oh, Don would LOVE this place!” Some of our greatest outdoor adventures have been trips we have taken together, from my Dad’s cross country road trips from Texas to Knotts Berry Farm as kids, to tent camping in the wilds of Alaska. We even rented a nine-speed manual gear shift RV with a steering wheel on the “wrong side” to tour Continue reading

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Back in early 2011 when I first informed my friends and family that I was considering full timing in an RV once my Atlanta house sold, most expressed shock while others dismissed in disbelief.   All except for my brother Don.   Having been an RV owner himself for many years, his only “shock” was why it took me so long to finally come around to his way of thinking.  😉    Shortly after my declaration of intent, Don sent me a link Continue reading


I don’t often rant, but when I do…it’s about feeling crowded in or squeezed out.

As I have mentioned, campgrounds in the PNW have been impossible to get this summer. It’s noticeably more crowded here than my trip in 2014. Two years ago, I had no problem finding a place to park at the scenic state parks up and down the coast without a reservation, as long as it was mid-week. This year, whether it be looking for a campsite or strolling the aisles of Fred Meyer, it’s hard to tell a Tuesday morning from a Saturday afternoon. In short, it’s getting crowded out here, folks….at least in the PNW. Continue reading

If Portland is Weird, then Call Me a Weirdo!

First off, a heartfelt thanks to all my friends, family, and followers for your kind words of support and “Get Well Wishes” regarding my recent regurgitation of my little monsoon streak.  I loved each and every one of your comments, and thank you for your support.   I found it interesting how some read the post and felt my pain while others felt my weak attempt at humor.  Then others felt reflective relief to have their own trials and tribulations in their rearview mirror.   It’s like getting to read little mini blog posts in my comments section. Continue reading

Silent Retreat

During my 2014 visit to Eugene, I took a day trip in the Tracker up to the McKenzie River area. I was instantly enamored by the gorgeous clear river cascading through the scenic densely wooded forest. I wrote a blog post about the agonizing choice of how to spend my limited time with so many things to do in one location. I wanted to stay longer, Continue reading

Oregon: FINALLY!

It’s been a long time coming, and I am arriving about a month later than I had originally thought, but I finally crossed the state line into Oregon! With the exception of one 2-week trip home to Texas and 17 blissful days in Baja, I have been in California since January…longer than any state since I began full timing 3.5 years ago. Continue reading

Portland is a Hoppy Place

My friend Jane said it best.  “Portland is probably best known for its food and its beer!”IMG_1170

Having now visited all three of the “weird” cities, that is, those cities who have adopted the marketing slogan of “Keep XXX Weird,” – Asheville, Austin, and Portland, it’s interesting to ponder how a movement like this gets started.  It’s hard to say what constitutes “weird” when defining a city.  Continue reading


I had more social interaction during my time in Portland than the past year all put together. From seeing old friends to meeting new ones, I find myself wondering what happened to my introverted self? I am feeling a little like the Kim Kardashian of the RV community. Continue reading