The First Thousand Days

I recently passed a significant milestone in my nomadic life, my three year anniversary of becoming a full timer. I figure if I account for time away such as trips back to Texas to be with family, river trips, vacations to Mexico, etc. that should put me right around a thousand days on the road. It seems like just yesterday that I broke the news to my Mom that I was selling my house and going to live full time in an RV. Her exact words were, “You can’t be serious!” Continue reading

Heading Inland to Catch a Little Sun…

IMG_0897Anyone who knows me knows I don’t make large purchases easily.  For example, it took me almost two years to buy my rig, but once I found it, the honeymoon is still on.  The indecisive Libra in me makes me feel compelled to survey everyone I know and trust before I end up with what I feel is the best decision for me.  The knowledgeable, helpful, unflappable folks at AM Solar got a taste of my MO this past week as I vacillated on solar options like a shifting cloud cover on a springtime day. Continue reading

Does This Storage Shed Make My Future Look Big?

I once read a bit of blogger profundity that the size of a full timer’s storage facility indicates their commitment to the full timing lifestyle. If the storage unit/building/shed holds all the comforts of home, full time living on the road will not hold an equally promising future. As much as I have loved the full timing lifestyle over the past year, Continue reading

New Shoes, Black, Size 16…

Aren’t they beeee-utiful?  Exciting stuff here in North Texas!!

I almost quit my job last week.   The amount of work and projects seem to be inversely proportional to the number of people that remain on my “team”…..from 4 teammates a year ago, now down to a team of “me.”  I even went so far as to call HR in attempt to order the “Intent to Retire Workbook” only to have them tell me they wouldn’t send it to me until after I had given them the date of my “intent to retire.”

But then I went to the Dodge Service Center and laid out $900 in a matter of a few hours. Continue reading

Pimp my Ride!

I got an early Christmas present from my brother Don, who was born with all the “Einstein Smarts” in the family.  He is solely responsible for all the hook-ups in my RV which enable me to roam about the USA (and Mexico!) as if I were sitting in a traditional home office.   He has hooked me up with everything from Yagi antennas to VOIP portable phones, all enabling me to do my job in the far reaches of Verizon-dom. Continue reading

Welcome to Texas, Snowbirds!….or “How to Survive a Texas Ice Storm!”

I have been parked in the driveway of my parents’ home in Central Texas.  Having grown up here, I know the old joke about “Don’t like the weather?  Just wait 15 minutes!” had to be coined about Texas, as it is common for the temperature to drop from the 80’s to the 40’s in an hour.    The weather was pleasant when I arrived, but the forecast predicted the always dreaded “wintery mix” on the way. Continue reading

What it means to be a “Skinnie Winnie!”

“Skinny” trick bathroom mirror, courtesy of “12 Bones” rib joint.

Another reason why I headed east after leaving Austin instead of the traditional full timer direction westward was because I wanted to attend the National “Skinnie Winnie” rally in Asheville, North Carolina.   For those who might not be familiar with what a Skinnie Winnie is, Continue reading

Groovin’ in the Grove

Let me just say that I love every kooky, quirky aspect of this little RV park, and there are plenty of ’em to like.  I am afraid having this be my first “full time” destination is going to rank right up there with getting my SCUBA certification in Cozumel…it will forever be the standard by which other RV parks are measured. Continue reading

My First Mod!

For those friends reading who might not be familiar with the RVer’s lingo, “mod” is for “modification.”   Mods typically involve some sort of innovation or improvement born out of an idea for greater comfort level or conveniencce.  Or in some cases, it can also be for bragging rights born out of shameless ego from morphing the RV manufacturer’s original design into that of your own.   In my case, it was born out of necessity. Continue reading