One Bath is Worth a Thousand Words

I went through a few real cold spells while traveling through Pennsylvania and Virginia….those cold, damp nights that make you chilled to the bone.   I even experienced some snow with temperatures down to 28 degrees, (a number which I would scoff at later.)   What kept me going through those achy cold spells was the promise of a weekend stop in Hot Springs, Arkansas for a long hot soak on my way back to Texas. Continue reading

Urban Renewal in Little Rock

I came to Little Rock a couple of years ago to cross a few things off the “bucket list.”  One, after living in the bordering state of Texas most of my life, I had never once been across the state line to Arkansas.   We as a family always went west on road trips.   Second, I wanted to see the Clinton Presidential Library.   And lastly, I was working off my list of National Parks, and Hot Springs would be an easy target – a triple play over one long weekend. Continue reading

Taking of the Waters


Entrance to Hot Springs National Park

Traveling to Arkansas over the New Year holiday afforded me three milestones – visiting a state I had never been to before, seeing the Clinton Presidential Center, and crossing off another one of our great National Parks! After a couple of days enjoying downtown Little Rock, I made the hour drive toward Hot Springs. Continue reading


Harriet Tubman Statue leads to Clinton Presidential Center

Those who know me, know that I am a not-so-closet Bill Clinton fan.  In fact I stop just short of an “I MISS BILL” bumper sticker on my car and stalking him through the back alleys of earthquake-stricken Haiti.  So when I ended up with a few extra days off at the end of 2011, I figured it was the perfect time to make my long anticipated “Billgrimage” to the Clinton Presidential Center. Continue reading