Bourbon Mash and Birthday Bash

Getting myself down from the skinny green branches of the “tree” that is New England did not come easily to me.  As I sat on the edge of Maine’s Long Lake pondering my next move, I changed my mind almost hourly as to which direction I would take.  My overwhelming urge was to make a B-line back to the comfort of the Great Southwest as quickly as possible…almost as if I felt guilt from two-timing on a summer fling. Continue reading

Life in Cave City

Since I took my virtual office on the road, my life sometimes feels like a game of “Frogger,” that old 1980’s video game, back in the day when video games were the size of an entire phone booth rather than a smart phone.   Life seems like a series of lily pads, highways, and RV Parks where I must wait for them all to align with my work schedule before I can “leap” to the next safe stop. Continue reading

A Grand, Gloomy, and Peculiar Place…

Those are the words that Stephen Bishop, one of Mammoth Cave’s best known African-American slave guides and explorers, used to describe the massive cave system located in central Kentucky.

Mammoth Cave is the world’s longest cave system Continue reading