Full Circle Back to Weird

After sitting parked in my parent’s driveway for two weeks, I was getting a bad case of “driveway fever.”    There are only so many trips down to the local Walmart, or through the many fast food drive-thrus lining the main street of our 5,000 resident town that I will allow myself to make.    And my dear parents mean well, but Continue reading

Austin Extreme Eats!

Time for a “Foodie Post!”

Chuy’s weekly special of Fried Avocado, stuffed with chicken, cheese, and Hatch green chiles

By far one of the biggest treats about my month here in the Pecan Grove RV Park has been the variety of incredibly unique delicious food offerings, from the brew pub over the fence to the long row of inexpensive outdoor dining options along Barton Springs Continue reading

One Enchanted Evening

As much as I have been loving my time in Austin, I needed some time to escape the “Barton Springs Scene.” I enjoy the energy of being immersed in a “university town,” but it can start to feel a little like my graying hair is being blown back by all the “awesomeness” from the twenty-something population. So I wanted to get out of town for the weekend when the Zilker Park crowds reach critical mass. Continue reading

Hippie Hollow — More “hollow than hip” these days

During my time at UT, I had a group of sun worshiping buddies that would purposefully arrange their spring classes to fall on Tuesdays and Thursdays, just so they could spend MWF baking at the lake.

It was all about the tan back then, and it is a wonder none of us died from skin cancer. Slathering Hawaiian Tropic “SPF Zero” or worse yet, baby oil mixed with iodine was standard procedure to achieve a dark golden bronze that would make even John Boehner envious. It was a ritual to pack the ice chest with tequila, pineapple juice, and ice, as my five buddies and I would take turns driving the car pool to Lake Travis. Continue reading