Unforgettable (and Forgettable!) Sights of San Antonio

Lynne and I serendipitously (read: accidentally!) ended up on the famous San Antonio River Walk on a perfect spring-like Friday evening.   We were headed to a bistro for dinner, so we were looking for a “reasonably priced” place to park in the downtown area.   We parked the car and walked through a doorway to exit the lot, only to stumble onto this: Continue reading

Follow-Up Mission, aka “We’re On A Mission, Part II”

I am reminded over and over that when one must work 9 to 5, five out of seven days a week, one must make the most of the two remaining days as best they can, come rain or shine. I am reminded of this over and over, because the vast majority of my friends and family no longer work 9 to 5. 😉 So with the first of my two days off having turned cold and rainy Continue reading

We’re On A Mission!

It’s perfect spring weather on our first full day in San Antonio.   It is finally warm enough to open up the skylight, with nothing but a screen door between my virtual office and the cacophony of birds in the old pecan trees outside.   It is 4:00pm, and I sitting at my desk, sleepily downloading excel reports to the chirping of the birdsong outside, when the “ding” of my iphone signals an incoming email. Continue reading