Turnaround Trifecta

One would think a month living in the Winnie parked down on the farm in Texas would be enough time to get the blog caught up.  But there were farm chores to do, families to visit, projects to complete, and adventures to experience.

I hauled off and burned enough tree trunks and limbs to warrant notifying the fire department beforehand.  I reconciled a few storage sheds and helped my brother Don install some 8’ X 12’ sliding doors on the equipment shed.   I got both my passport and my tetanus shot renewed for another ten years.  And got my Mom’s dog Annie  Continue reading

Waltz Across Texas

The Winnie traveled across ten different states in 2016, the last being the least desirable. No offense to my family, athough Texas is my birthplace, anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan for many reasons. If my Mom and niece would only relocate, I’d be like Thelma and Louise, driving across the four contiguous states just to avoid driving through it.

It’s 500 miles from the state line to the family farm, every one of them Continue reading

Harbingers of Spring

Some might be wondering (in fact, even I am wondering!) why someone would come to a place named “Desert Hot Springs” when it is already hot.   Who wants to soak in a hot springs when it’s ninety-six degrees hot??  My friend John got it halfway right in his comment on my last post.  He writes, “Sounds like you’re looking for a place to park the rig for a while, while you take a walk on the wild side.”    Only half was true.   I was looking for a place to park the rig… Continue reading

Flight of the Honey Bee

For several years, my parents have had a hive of bees living in between the walls of their storage shed, painted to look like a red barn, therefore appropriately referred to as “The Red Shed.” No one knows how they got there, but Mom remembers seeing a swarm arrive one day, so thick it darkened the sky. Shortly thereafter, they started noticing increasing numbers of bees inside and around the shed. Continue reading


Since having retired last October, I have on more than one occasion been chided for being on “perpetual vacation.” To that, I say, “What the heck’s wrong with a perpetual vacation??” After all, I worked long and hard to earn “time off for good behavior.” So why give it up so soon? Maybe I will get to that point eventually, but for now, I still enjoy “vacation mode.” Continue reading

House of Pain

It’s been over two months since my last blog post.  One might think by now that I would be out of the habit of keeping the blog.  And most days, they would be right.  I often think I won’t update the blog again.  It’s a waste of time.  As Willie would sing, “You cain’t make a record if you ain’t got nuthin’ to say.”  But if I am truthful with myself, I miss writing so much it hurts. Like so many things in my life, there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground.  I have always preferred it that way.  Anything but lukewarm mediocrity.   So the mood swings from “Never again!” to “How could I possibly not? Continue reading

Defining Moments

Defining moments…that split second in our lives when our path pivots, and we slowly begin to process that our lives have just changed forever…

I realize it seems ironic for someone with a public blog to say they are a “private person,” but I don’t typically share deeply personal matters here.  However, after corresponding via this blog over the past couple of years, my followers have also become my friends.  You are my community…my “tribe.”

So it is with deep heart wrenching sadness that I must tell you that my baby brother Stephen died suddenly this week.  He was only 53 years young.  He leaves behind a loving wife and two beautiful daughters, my only nieces. Continue reading

Real Time Bytes

I am typically running behind on blog posts. I find it challenging to be a “real time blogger.” Like many areas of my life, I tend to procrastinate. Just like one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, “I’m always running behind the time…just like this train.  Shakin’ into town with the brakes complaining.” 

It’s even tougher to stay current when hiking with the Red Rocks Gang.    Although I often “journal” a post in a timely manner, it takes me several days to do the photo downloading and selection.   So when in a place like Zion where every single day offers a hike worthy of its own blog post, it’s really easy to fall behind in a hurry.

But not this blog post.  It is coming to you “real time” Continue reading