I Stooped to a Group Tour!

I typically steer clear of group tours at all costs when traveling, preferring instead to go at my own pace. The “hurry up and wait” of the group dynamic is tiresome, as is spending time in places where I have no interest (e.g. shopping.) I love learning about the history of a place, but not while standing in a circle in the baking sun with other impatient people whispering, shuffling their feet, etc. And then there’s the dreaded tourist buffet for lunch, which reminds me of dorm food. No, best to go it alone. Continue reading

Walkabout Oaxaca

Like the whole world these days, Mexico is changing rapidly. I notice more and more modern touches year after year. There are improvements in technology and infrastructure. Travel is getting easier, as I can now go online and book my bus ticket, make my seat selection, and pay via PayPal for my electronic ticket to be presented on my iphone. This is a huge new convenience as before, I had to wait to purchase at the bus station. And the first class buses all have charging ports beneath the seats now. Continue reading

Rough Re-entry and One Last Look Back…

I left Oaxaca on a perfect Sunday morning with the temperature gauge on its way up to the mid 80’s, and landed in DFW that night to 17 degrees. I had to wait for Super Shuttle in the wind tunnel that is the Lower Level of DFW for half an hour, wearing nothing but a pair of cotton pants, thin cotton socks, a light knit jacket, and the small gauzy blanket I had stolen off of AeroMexico. Continue reading

Following Yonder Star

One of my favorite things about visiting Mexico over the holiday season, in addition to the glorious weather and gorgeous scenery, is the authenticity with which the Mexican people approach the holiday season.

Decorations tend toward nativity scenes, piñatas, and poinsettias, and less toward tinsel and tacky Griswald-esque lawn ornaments. Continue reading

Whhaa-hocka happened to Oaxaca??

I left Oaxaca after my 2012 visit, completely smitten.  I came home and started looking at the VRBO sites to find a place for rent.  After months of searching for “The RV of My Dreams” following the sale of my Atlanta home, I was just about ready to give up hope of finding one that felt right.  So working remotely from Mexico to escape the winter seemed like a distant second when it came to lifestyle choices. Continue reading

Oaxaca Nada

For the past four years, my brother Don and I have been going to magical San Miguel de Allende (Kiss it goodbye as it was recently named Number One on the “Top 25 Cities in the World” list by Conde Naste Traveler magazine) to ring in the new year. Although we try each year to convince other family members to join us, the reaction is typically “Mexico??? Over my dead body!” So year after year, we make the trek down to escape the ice storms of Texas and get our “fix” of warm and sunny culture and climate. Continue reading

Cruel, Cruel Carlotta…

Imagine, if you will, lying on the most idyllic, secluded beach. Crescent in a shape reminiscent of the thumbnail of a new moon. Flanked on both sides by lush, verdant green cliffs.

Beach bed swing at Bahia de la Luna

You have an exclusive on the beach “swing bed,” a full size mattress covered in crisp clean white sheets and surrounded on all four sides by  billowy white sheer curtains fluttering in the salty sea air.  Continue reading

A Condo Made o’ Stone-O

Just a few miles outside of the city of Oaxaca are two archaeological sites recommended as “don’t miss” side trips:  Both reported to be fine examples of pre-Columbian, Mesoamerican architecture, the ruins of the Zapotec city of Monte Alban and Mitla can all be seen in one full day.  However, since we were on a “whirlwind tour,” trying to make as much fit into my corporate-structured-two-week-time-off-for-good-behavior as possible, I didn’t have a full day to spare.  I had to make a choice between one or the other.  It was a tough decision, but I went with Monte Alban. Continue reading