Mountains, Missions, and One Massive Monolith

We make one last stop before leaving the Huasteca Potosina region at the Sotano Golindrinas, or Cave of the Swallows.  Falling just six feet short of being 1,000 ft wide at it’s widest point, this air pit cave is over 1,200 ft drop from its highest karst ridge overhead, making it (according to wikipedia) “the largest known cave shaft in the world.”  Although swarms of birds are reported, Continue reading

A New Meaning to “Concrete Jungle”

As we continue our southerly loop around the Reserva de la Biosfera Sierra Gorda, we stop in the Pueblo Magico, or “Magic Town” of Xilitla.   I have written about Mexico’s Magic Town campaign before, whereby towns are chosen by the Department of Tourism for their natural beauty, cultural riches, or historical relevance.  I make it my goal to see as many as I can, because each offers up some gem of interest or beauty usually worthy of an out of the way stop. Continue reading

Canoes, Cascades, and Cameras…Huasteca Potosina, Part Two

Huasteca Potosina is often referred to as a “water wonderland,” or place of “aquatic adventures.”    For the next two days, we will be spending time canoeing and floating down rivers, swimming in caves, and jumping off waterfalls.    A photography enthusiasts dream!  So one would think what a great opportunity Continue reading

Huasteca Potosina — Part One, Laguna Media Luna

I’ve quickly learned to not ever say “no” when an invitation comes from my newly acquired group of friends, as I am sure to regret it.  At the conclusion of a recent violin concert, I am chatting with Karen, the friend I hiked with in Santa Rosa.  She asks if I would be interested in joining a group of friends on an upcoming trip to Continue reading