Huasteca Potosina — Part One, Laguna Media Luna

I’ve quickly learned to not ever say “no” when an invitation comes from my newly acquired group of friends, as I am sure to regret it.  At the conclusion of a recent violin concert, I am chatting with Karen, the friend I hiked with in Santa Rosa.  She asks if I would be interested in joining a group of friends on an upcoming trip to Continue reading

Up to My Neck in Hot Water

I have been on a counter-clockwise loop of sorts around Southwestern Colorado to see sights that interest me.    One category that particularly interests me is hot springs.  I even purchased a guidebook “Hot Springs and Hot Pools of the Southwest,” with the intent to visit as many as time allows.  But so far, my quest has been a little frustrating.    It’s been hit or miss, mostly miss. Continue reading

Tale of Two Day Spas

As if a hot air balloon ride wasn’t enough of a birthday indulgence, I decided to treat myself to a spa day.  After all, the balloon ride was on Sunday, which enabled me to rationalize a special treat for my “official birthday” on Tuesday.  I had a tough time deciding between Ten Thousand Waves spa just 3 miles outside of Santa Fe, or Ojo Caliente, an hours drive away.   Both had come highly recommended with adjectives “zen-like” used to describe Ten Thousand Waves, and “magical” waters of Ojo Calliente.   How does one decide between “zen” and “magic?” Continue reading