Border to Border

So here I sit at another border altogether, trying to figure out how to catch the blog up to “real time.” Yes, it’s behind, but I was determined to finish all the posts I had started while meandering through Mexico. To those readers who stuck with me through two months of making Mexican memories, I thank you.

And now, I’m knocking on the door of our northern neighbor, Canada, knowing that as soon as I cross the border into the “Land of Marginal Internet,” the blog is going to be behind again. Continue reading

Hiking the Shenandoah

For all the massive crowds I saw on Skyline drive during the peak of leaf peeping season, there were none on the hiking trails, thank goodness.   Oh, I saw a few families along the trail, but very few.  And what few I did see appeared to be foreign tourists.   I talked with a family from Israel, and met several from Asia and India along the trail.   But none who “looked like me.”  Continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Skyline Drive

Skyline Drive is a 105 mile stretch of two-lane that runs north to south, down the backbone of the very narrow Shenandoah National Park along the ridge line of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains.

The main feature of this National Park is the drive itself, with the over 500 miles of hiking trails appearing to take a back seat. I think it speaks the obvious about our society that Continue reading

The “Misty” Mystique

Chincoteague is a big island with a small town atmosphere.   Too big to walk end to end, but still manageable enough to get anywhere you want by bike.  Much more subdued than the Outer Banks with no pretentious golf carts recklessly roaming the streets.  There are plenty of artists and local bookstores in the town to offset the T-shirts, trinkets, and miniature golf courses. Continue reading