Border to Border

So here I sit at another border altogether, trying to figure out how to catch the blog up to “real time.” Yes, it’s behind, but I was determined to finish all the posts I had started while meandering through Mexico. To those readers who stuck with me through two months of making Mexican memories, I thank you.

And now, I’m knocking on the door of our northern neighbor, Canada, knowing that as soon as I cross the border into the “Land of Marginal Internet,” the blog is going to be behind again. Continue reading

I Finally Rallied!

Since I left Texas back on the first of March, I have been in what feels like an episode of “The Amazing Race,” trying to gallivant across six states to reach Oregon in time for the National “Skinnie Winnie” rally in Canyonville. There were times when I didn’t think I would make it. There were times when I no longer wanted to try. Continue reading