Bye Bye, Baja

I crossed the border at Tijuana on foot, then caught the “Tijuana Trolley,” in San Ysidro bound for San Diego where my dear friend Margie picked me up. We caught up over lunch at Stone Brewing Co, then she dropped me off at the car rental place.  After a few days in SoCal, I boarded a plane from San Diego back to Texas, almost two months to the day that I left on the bus bound for San Miguel de Allende, ending in one big sweeping clockwise circle through Mexico. Continue reading

Nacho Mama’s Tijuana

When I told my Mom I was stopping in Tijuana on my return from the Baja, her advice was “Don’t get arrested and thrown in jail!”  Now what would prompt a mother to give such advice?   She went on to say she had always been curious about Tijuana….a place with quite a rowdy reputation over the years.

Last year when visiting Baja, I rushed through Tijuana as fast as a Continue reading

Gringo Enclaves; Good and Bad

Gringo Enclaves, or expat communities are common throughout Mexico. These pockets within towns where “birds of a feather” flock from the US and Canada to be together are on the rise. Ask any local and they will tell you…more and more gringos are coming.

Whether a gringo enclave is “good” or “bad” is in the eyes of the potential residente’. Some prefer blending with the local culture while having access to just a touch of familiarity, while others complain that the CostCo does not have all the same brands as it does back home. I recently read a post of someone complaining about Continue reading

In Situ Camera Review

I’ve been in the market for a waterproof camera for a few years now.  I can’t seem to find one that meets my need.  My last attempt was a Canon Powershot waterproof, which I had to return because it fogged up at the first sight of moisture.  Since that time, I’ve been looking, but hesitant to buy without some known recommendation.

Recently, I read a review on the Wynns blog whereby they reviewed the GoPro camera, along with several much less expensive knock-offs.   When comparing the quality versus price, one camera peaked further interest Continue reading

Bienvenidos a La Paz!

I really enjoyed the 17 days I spent in Baja last year.  I wasn’t ready to leave, but decided to head back for fear the unanticipated cloud cover in San Diego was prohibiting my solar panels from sustaining life in the Winnie without me.  So I left La Paz last March before I was ready to go.   I was eager to return this year and pick up where I left off. Continue reading

Rockin’ Across the Sea of Cortez

When I left La Paz on the Baja Peninsula last year under a cloud of melancholy, I set some intentions declaring aloud, “The next time I come to La Paz, it will be on a boat!”   As is often the case, though, I needed to be a bit more specific.  What I had in mind was a sailboat.  What I manifested instead was a ferry. Continue reading

The Baja Breakdown

There’s a tourism slogan that is prevalent all over Baja, “No Bad Days in Baja!” You see it emblazoned on everything from tee shirts to tequila shot glasses, vintage vans to surfboards. I would have to agree. Oh, sure there was that 24 hours in Cabo. But that really wasn’t “bad.” Just not to my liking. And then there was the afternoon I was chased down the hill by a scary pitt bull. But that was probably as much my fault for running. Otherwise, it was 17 blissful, feast-filled days.

Here are the logistics of the trip: Continue reading

Last of La Paz – Que Lastima!

I am propped up on my pillows in the Pension Baja Paradise having a Facebook Messenger exchange with Margie, as she continues to reassure me that the Winnie is doing fine in her driveway without me.  But then, she mentions two words which I had not considered, “cloudy” and “rain.”  She tells me the rain forecast calls for clouds to move in, and rain to continue throughout the weekend.  This is a factor I have not considered, as my paradigm says “It never rains in Southern California.”   You know how the rest of the song goes, right?   “….it pours, man it pours.”IMG_8874 Continue reading

Inspire. In Spirit. Espíritu.

In addition to my Moon Guide, which is helpful for budget options, I always consult for their “Top 10 things to do in…” whenever I am destination planning.  Yes, those are always the most crowded activities, but just like our National Park system, there is a reason they got to be that way.  So I figure that makes them worthy of exploration.

The Number 1 activity for La Paz is a boat trip out to Espíritu Santos, (translates to “Holy Spirit,) a UNESCO-protected island in the Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve.  Jacque Cousteu called this neighboring island surrounded by idyllic bays, “the world’s aquarium.”  Continue reading

Lovable, Livable La Paz!

Arriving at the bus station in downtown La Paz, I am immediately smitten.  The station is right on the malecón (waterfront,) with big floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the calm turquoise bay.    Just a two hour bus ride, and I have gone from the Chaos of Cabo back to the Bliss of Baja.    My love affair is back on again. Continue reading