Bye Bye, Baja

I crossed the border at Tijuana on foot, then caught the “Tijuana Trolley,” in San Ysidro bound for San Diego where my dear friend Margie picked me up. We caught up over lunch at Stone Brewing Co, then she dropped me off at the car rental place.  After a few days in SoCal, I boarded a plane from San Diego back to Texas, almost two months to the day that I left on the bus bound for San Miguel de Allende, ending in one big sweeping clockwise circle through Mexico. Continue reading

The Curves and Culture of Bahía Concepción

As I mentioned in the previous post, the town of Mulegé is tiny.  There are six taxis.  Not taxi companies, mind you, but six taxi cabs!  Two of the six cabs belong to Salvador and his brother Ignacio.   Salvador runs the only tour company in town, typically offering tours to see the cave paintings in nearby La Trinidad.  Having spent the last year touring ancestral puebloan cave paintings, petroglyphs and pictographs in the west, I am not really up for more cave paintings right now.  But I sure would love to go to the beach. Continue reading

Moo-leh-hey and the Beautiful Bay

One of the benefits of traveling the “Gringo Trail,” i.e. staying in hotels and following the recommended itinerary in guidebooks like the Moon Guide or Lonely Planet is that you end up interacting with like-minded travelers.  This can be a blessing and a curse.  It can tend to insulate one from the local culture, but at the same time, the exchange of information among fellow travelers is invaluable. Continue reading