Channel Islands National Park, Part 1…Camping and Kayaking

After multiple phone and email conversations with friends and family, all who said GO!  You will be sorry if you don’t!” I boarded the Island Packers boat the next morning bound for Santa Cruz in the Channel Islands, knowing if I couldn’t quit stressing over needing to address the Winnie repairs, I could always come back early. Continue reading

The Curves and Culture of Bahía Concepción

As I mentioned in the previous post, the town of Mulegé is tiny.  There are six taxis.  Not taxi companies, mind you, but six taxi cabs!  Two of the six cabs belong to Salvador and his brother Ignacio.   Salvador runs the only tour company in town, typically offering tours to see the cave paintings in nearby La Trinidad.  Having spent the last year touring ancestral puebloan cave paintings, petroglyphs and pictographs in the west, I am not really up for more cave paintings right now.  But I sure would love to go to the beach. Continue reading

Reflections on Green River

I struggle to put into words objectively my impressions from nine days on the river, which is why I thought it best to let the photos “speak for themselves” in the form of photo album posts.  After nine days away from civilization, it may take me some time for my hindsight focus to adapt from what became a bit of “perceptual narrowing.”  Continue reading

Black Canyon Kayak Trip, Day Three – “Reading the River”

Weather-wise, our third day on the trip is the best yet!  There is not a cloud in the sky, and we have a nice 8 to 10 mph tail wind.  The remaining eight miles down the Black Canyon River Trail should be a joy ride!  And with the sun finally out, I will get to see some of that emerald green water BJ and Kathy have been telling me is “So beautiful, you won’t believe!” Continue reading

Black Canyon Kayak Trip, Day Two – “How to Cure an Internet Addiction”

I had a few concerns about my first overnight rafting trip.  As a left-brained analytical, will I be able to “do it right?”  Can I get my gear and myself down the river to arrive at the same time without embarrassing myself by turning over and sending the dry bags bobbing downriver without me?   Or worse, the kayak?  Did I remember to bring not only my Snowpeak mini-stove, but do I have the right blend of fuel canister to go with it?   But not the least of my concerns is “How will I go three whole days without the internet???”  Continue reading

Black Canyon Kayak Trip, Day One – “Miserable to Memorable”

It’s a balmy mid-January evening in Mesa, Arizona when John Schroder, his wife BJ, and I first discuss the prospect of a kayaking trip down the Colorado River through the Black Canyon.  It has been in the mid 80’s for several days now, and the night is so pleasant that we choose an outside table at one of their favorite restaurants, Red White & Brew.  John talks about timing for the trip, and suggests that the first week of March should be just about perfect.   Continue reading