The Eye of The Needles

It has finally come time to leave Canyon Rim boondock. The wagon train is hitching up and heading south to hide out in a pine forest until the storm blows over. In this case, the “storm” being the storm of school students that descend upon Utah like locusts for a four day weekend every October. It’s UEA Weekend coming up, the Utah Education and Administration conference held on Thursday and Friday, giving the kids a four day weekend from school. We learned this the hard way last year, as we found ourselves trapped in Little Wild Horse slot canyon with about 200 “little wild horses” of the two legged variety. So plans are firmly in place to avoid a repeat this year.

But I am having a tough time leaving the canyon, especially Continue reading

A “Needlework Sampler” for My Birthday

In recognition of my birthday last week, I got to pick the hike….a lot of pressure, as this is a no-win proposition with this tough crowd!  Over 80 degrees, and the Coloradans will start to melt.  Under 70, and I lose the Floridians.  Under three miles?  Not worth getting dressed for in my opinion.  Over seven, and I eliminate participants due to pets at home. Continue reading

Reflections on Green River

I struggle to put into words objectively my impressions from nine days on the river, which is why I thought it best to let the photos “speak for themselves” in the form of photo album posts.  After nine days away from civilization, it may take me some time for my hindsight focus to adapt from what became a bit of “perceptual narrowing.”  Continue reading