Tlaquepaque: As Fun to Say as it is to Explore

In my previous post, I mentioned the grand bargain of Guadalajara, the Tapatio Tour bus that offers three routes of touring, all for the low price of 70 pesos, or $3.50.   One of these three routes travels just about seven miles away to the nearby suburb, Tlaquepaque, pronounced “Tuh-lacky-packy.”  Try saying that without laughing.   Of course, we English speakers can’t resist putting a syllable after the “T” when it should not be separated from the “L” but still you get the general idea.  The name just sounds like fun.  And I figure if Tapatio Tours offers a separate bus there, well, it must be worthy of exploring. Continue reading

Guadalajara: Mexico’s “Lower East Side”

As the week comes to an end in Zihuatanejo, it’s time to say goodbye to my brother Don as he heads back to Texas to pimp out his Navion and get her ready for her maiden voyage into Mexico.  Meanwhile, I plan to keep on meandering…

I’m at a bit of a crossroads in leaving Zihua.  Do I continue south along the coastline, or head north?  Going north would mean retracing a familiar path, but experience is the only substitute for the guidebook I am lacking on this trip.  Continue reading