Driven by the View

I didn’t think I would blog again.   Once I stopped and looked at it from “the 30,000 ft view,” it seemed like just more social media servitude that seems to have taken over much more of my life than I like to admit.   I began to question was I still being honest with myself that I blogged solely for the sake of preserving memories?   Or had it become a social crutch to keep me from feeling isolated in my chosen nomadic lifestyle?    An excuse to spend time on the laptop that could be better spent outdoors or reading a book? Continue reading

Staying Found

As anyone who has followed this blog knows, I suck at navigation. Whether by land or by sea, I have challenges. It’s not that I can’t follow a map, it’s more about not paying attention to where I am on that map. I tend to have a one track mind, and if I am talking or lost in thought, I can ramble for hours without paying attention to landmarks, mileage, etc. So my intentions lately have involved Continue reading

Flat Out on the Flat Iron

Having extended my stay in the overflow lot in McDowell for four straight days, I grow weary of the “day to day availability game,” so I decide to move over to Lost Dutchman State Park. I want a closer look at the Superstition Mountains I have been admiring from a distance all week. But being high season, Lost Dutchman is also full. Continue reading

Eight Miles High…

After three weeks in Mexico and another 10 days in Texas, stepping back into the Winnie never felt so much like “Home Sweet Home.”   Thankfully, everything was still just as I left it.   The engine was a little slow to start, as was the propane, but after a few false starts, by the time my bags were unpacked and things put away, everything was firing on all cylinders.  Continue reading

If You Want to Find Out Who Your Friends Are, Stop Blogging!

That is not meant as a slam, instead it is meant as a “Thank you” to the friends and followers who have sent personal notes to check in and see if I am doing okay, since as one friend put it, “You’ve gone dark.” Your notes of care and concern mean a lot to me.

I temporarily lost my blogging mojo. Continue reading

One Last Look Back….Aaaah, to be Twelve Again!

By now, news of my Dad has come from home, and I need to get to an airport and find a place to stow the Winnie to fly back to Texas.  Phoenix seems to be the most logical option, so as not to have to winterize the Winnie (pay no attention to that recent snow covering on the saguaros!)  So I head for McDowell Mountain Regional Park, a place I have been before, so I am familiar with the area.   I will make this my base for a couple of days while I scout out suitable storage areas. Continue reading

Being Frank…

“When nature has work to be done, she creates a genius to do it.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I have been a fan of Frank Lloyd Wright’s organic architectural design since my college days, when I took an “Introduction to Architecture” elective which turned out to be my favorite class.   As one of the greatest architects of our time, what’s not to love? Continue reading