Fun Day on the Bay of Fundy

New Brunswick is beautiful with rolling green hills covered in evergreens. The highways are lined with tall stalks of purple and pink lupine, the largest I’ve ever seen. I make the New Brunswick Visitors Center my first stop after crossing the border, followed by the ATM at the gas station next door. The very helpful woman greets me at the door and loads me up with maps and brochures for all the Maritime Provinces. I tell her I’d like to make Fundy National Park my intended destination for the night, to which she replies, Continue reading

“Goodbye Tracker” (Hard) “Hello Canada” (Easy)

I’ve decided to leave my Tracker behind for my loop into the Canadian Maritime Provinces. Several View/Navion owners who have gone before me all say “You won’t need it, and in fact, it will be more trouble on these pot-holed roads and ferries than it’s worth.” So I find a place to store it near the border. This will also save me from the Continue reading