Continuing on south down Hwy 100 through the long sliver of the state of Vermont, October begins to redeem itself.  For all the autumnal splendor that Montpelier and Stowe were lacking, I find in the Green Mountain National Forest of southern Vermont.  Seems the further south I drive, the more beautiful it becomes…completely contrary to my expectation for New England. Continue reading

Chlorophyll Climate Confusion

I’ve often read “If you want to learn about yourself, TRAVEL!”  But it seems the opposite is true for me.  I learn most about myself when I am immobilized.  Sitting stationary at my friend Deb’s beautiful lakeside cabin for a month spending mornings watching the waterfowl and evenings sitting on the dock listening for loons brought about a lot of introspection…a little glimpse of what my life would be like if I were to ever stop my perpetual motion.  Continue reading