Saint Sergio, Keeper of the Clothing…

“If everybody acted in a simple and human way, we’d all be saints.”
— Don Sergio Castro

What a full-on “gut check” it was to arrive at the “Museo de Trajes Regionales” at 5:00pm on a rainy night, expecting to tour a museum of indigenous clothing…which eventually happened.  But not without a reality check first of how the 45 year old costume collection came to be…. Continue reading

Orquideas Moxviquil

(pronounced  or-KEE-DEE-us MOSH-va-keel )  Or “OM” for short…ooommmmm….as it certainly feels like a sacred paradise!

I was slowly but surely working on reversing a bad ending to my vacation with Don after my meltdown over having to cut our time at the beach short.   I had made my apologies, however, still “chasing my space,” I was not yet ready to join him where he was staying at his dear friend Cisco’s B&B.  But after having heard such wonderful stories of such an interesting character, I was eager to meet the infamous Cisco, at long last.  Where better to make my introduction than in the midst of his passion, Orquideas Moxviquil? Continue reading

Bellamente Bela’s!

Is it possible to find sunshine and warmth on a cold, rainy day in San Cristobal de las Casas?

Yes, by walking through Bela’s front door!

After having a serious “disagreement” with my brother Don over whether or not to evacuate the then “Tropical Storm Carlotta,” I arrived in San Cristobal all alone on a very gray day. Continue reading