Channel Islands National Park, Part 2…The Hiking

The Channel Islands National Park is one of our least visited parks in the National Park system.   Ranger Erin at the beautiful Robert J. Lagomarsino Visitor Center in Ventura Harbor tells me that of all the visitors that come to the center, only 10% actually travel by boat to set foot on the islands, as one need go no further than the mainland Visitor Center to get their National Parks Passport Stamp.  Of  those 10% who do take the boat trip, only a lesser percentage Continue reading

Channel Islands National Park, Part 1…Camping and Kayaking

After multiple phone and email conversations with friends and family, all who said GO!  You will be sorry if you don’t!” I boarded the Island Packers boat the next morning bound for Santa Cruz in the Channel Islands, knowing if I couldn’t quit stressing over needing to address the Winnie repairs, I could always come back early. Continue reading