Galapagos Islands Day Three: Española Island

The Beagle has two zodiacs, or rubber dinghies used for ferrying passengers back and forth to land; one smaller and one larger. There are times when we all crowd into the larger of the two, but other times both boats are used. On this day, I learn a valuable technique…always try to get in the smaller boat, as it will only have one crew member, the helmsman. The larger of the two boats will always have two crew, the driver, and Fabian. With only one crewman, the smaller boat must wait for the larger boat to land first, so there is adequate crew to secure the boat and assist the passengers upon exiting. This is a long way to say “the smaller boat gets a longer boat ride.” On the landing in Española, this pays off in spades. The area where we would be making our dry landing is a “sea lion nursery,” Continue reading

In Situ Camera Review

I’ve been in the market for a waterproof camera for a few years now.  I can’t seem to find one that meets my need.  My last attempt was a Canon Powershot waterproof, which I had to return because it fogged up at the first sight of moisture.  Since that time, I’ve been looking, but hesitant to buy without some known recommendation.

Recently, I read a review on the Wynns blog whereby they reviewed the GoPro camera, along with several much less expensive knock-offs.   When comparing the quality versus price, one camera peaked further interest Continue reading

Inspire. In Spirit. Espíritu.

In addition to my Moon Guide, which is helpful for budget options, I always consult for their “Top 10 things to do in…” whenever I am destination planning.  Yes, those are always the most crowded activities, but just like our National Park system, there is a reason they got to be that way.  So I figure that makes them worthy of exploration.

The Number 1 activity for La Paz is a boat trip out to Espíritu Santos, (translates to “Holy Spirit,) a UNESCO-protected island in the Gulf of California Biosphere Reserve.  Jacque Cousteu called this neighboring island surrounded by idyllic bays, “the world’s aquarium.”  Continue reading