Dear Mr. President…Come Take a Ride with Me

For the past month, I’ve been traveling across Mexico, hitting a few places I’ve never been. Riding on Mexican buses is one of my favorite pastimes of Mexico, particularly the “in country” buses. They defy all stereotypes of the Latin American “chicken bus.” Instead they are luxury buses with reclining seats, elevating footrests, AC power ports, seat-back video screens showing movies, documentaries, and video games. The one I rode yesterday was a giant double-decker with three seats across – one on the left and two on the right. It even had suede leather seats, cup holders, and wood grain accents. Less than thirty bucks will get you a ride between most cities, including a ham and cheese croissant and a coke. Continue reading

Cruel, Cruel Carlotta…

Imagine, if you will, lying on the most idyllic, secluded beach. Crescent in a shape reminiscent of the thumbnail of a new moon. Flanked on both sides by lush, verdant green cliffs.

Beach bed swing at Bahia de la Luna

You have an exclusive on the beach “swing bed,” a full size mattress covered in crisp clean white sheets and surrounded on all four sides by  billowy white sheer curtains fluttering in the salty sea air.  Continue reading

Road Trip, Mexico Style!

The three day weekend of Memorial Day offered just enough time for a quick weekend out of town getaway….”a vacation from our vacation.”  Don had been studying up in his Lonely Planet, and found one of Mexico’s “Puebla Magicos,” or magic towns nearby, Patzcuaro.   Situated on a lake in the mountains, it sounded like the perfect getaway. Continue reading