So long, San Miguel…

I made a fast, less than graceful exit from San Miguel….

Adios on the first class ADO!

We had decided to leave on the first available bus early Saturday morning in order to maximize my two weeks of vacation.   The taxi would pick us up at 6:15am for the 7:00am bus bound for Oaxaca.

My intention was to knock off early on Friday so as to have plenty of time to pack up my entire virtual office.   As is usually the case with all pre-vacation planning, everything went to hell in a hand basket.   About 3:00pm, my laptop began some kind of system update causing four excel spreadsheets to freeze simultaneously.   After working with it for over an hour, there was no choice but to “cold boot” and start all over again on several reports that had to be done before I could leave for vacation.   After a serious meltdown, I had no choice but to work straight through till 9:00pm to get it all finished.  Then, it was time to start packing…

It was probably a good thing that the exit was so hectic, otherwise they may have had to haul me out, kicking and screaming all the way.   Living in this beautiful house for five weeks was more than enough time for me to assimilate as if it were my own, particularly given my current “homeless” situation.   The creature comforts lulled me into a sense of belonging that prompted Don to remind me daily, “You do remember you are going to have to leave here one day, right??”  I even got attached to Oliver, the resident cat.

Oliver graciously shares 25% of his bed with me…

I experienced some interesting paradigms while I was living/working in San Miguel.  Here are just a few:

Participating on conference calls with co-workers from India, London, and France as if I were in my “home office,” then stepping out for lunch to meet Don over “comida del dia,” or the Mexican plate of the day.

Don’s favorite lunch spot where you can get all this for 40 Pesos ($3)

Sitting at my desk, listening for the man to yell “aaaagguuaaaa” up from the street, racing down to meet him with my five gallon empty bottle to exchange for a refill.

Grabbing the trash can and running at break-neck speed whenever I hear the “ding, ding, ding” of the garbage truck.  There is no curbside pick-up, so one must race out into the street and wait your turn in line to hand up your garbage.

Line up to hand off to the garbage man

Seeing the gas delivery men driving up and down the streets with their 100 foot hoses, checking to see who needs their rooftop gas tank refilled.

Having to do research before each shopping trip, since all labels are in Spanish, and I cannot tell which skincare is “oily vs. dry.”

Skin care for sale in the organic market is easier than the drug store!

Risking hair cuts in another language.  And color in a country where there is only one predominant hair color! (Who knew “caramel” was RED??)

At least he doesn’t have to pick a color!

So now, it is time to go, as the owners are on their way back from Italy.  It has been a “life goal” for me to have the experience of living and working outside my own country, and I settled into the lifestyle much easier than I ever would have dreamed.  I have my brother Don to thank for helping make this lifetime dream a reality.

A long goodbye to the front gate…

Now comes the challenge of transporting my “virtual officina” across Mexico!

My “traveling office!”

6 thoughts on “So long, San Miguel…

    • Hi, Roxanne! You probably didn’t know because I changed the blog URL from my first and last name to be a bit more “stealth,” and stopped updating the old one. Do you like the new URL? I thought it was fitting for a future RV’er like me! LOL!

      I admire how you guys stay so caught up on your blog, because I am behind! Stay tuned for future destinations of Oaxaca, the Pacific Coast (where I was run out by Hurricane Carlotta!!!) and San Cristobal de las Casas. Loving Mexico!! (But behind on keeping up with the Duck!!)

      I am still shopping…I want a 2008 Navion or Winnie View 24J with the light wood finish, a couch and overhead bunk options, less than 40,000 miles. Too selective, you say?? 😉 Keep your eye out for me!

      Hope to see you again soon!

  1. Ooh, if you want to be stealth I’ll take you off my blogroll. Not that you’re going to get any crazy traffic from me.

    We stay caught up because we sit around. This piney forest is so cool and fresh and butterscotchy that we can happily sit under a tree until it’s time to eat or use the bathroom.

    You asked about email replies. I could get them if I remembered to check the box below. I’d also get everyone else’s responses to your post, but if you’re stealthing, that’s not an issue.

    • No, I am not stealthing, but just figured having my first and last name on a blog URL might not be the best practice once I finally do get solo-rolling!

      I am gonna need a piney forest once I hit that triple digit Texas heat again!

    • Hi, Mike,

      The name of the little restaurant that offers “comida del dia” is CARMENs, (not to be confused with the B&B with the same name.) They are only open for lunch. It is on the Ancha de San Antonio on the left hand side if you are walking/riding the local bus up to the Mega, just up from Stirling Dickerson. It is the white building just to the right of the other “Sol” restaurant with the big orange sun sign on the street. Disfruta!

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