Pinnacle Mountain State Park

Just about a dozen miles west of the Little Rock city limits is Pinnacle Mountain State Park, named for the cone-shaped rock structure that juts up 1,000 feet from the river valley below.

I visited the park on an atypical 80 degree Sunday, just before the forecast predicted the plummeting temperatures, so when I say “everybody and his dog” was out on the trail this day, I am not kidding.   But the nice Park Ranger said, “If you can only do one hike in the park, this should be it…there is a reason for the crowds.  The view is worth it.”    She also said, “But allow two hours!” to which I said, “For a ¾  mile trail??? ppssshaaawww!”    Meanwhile, I hadn’t exactly planned on a sunset hike!

I sometimes gauge the difficulty of a trail by the “geezer factor.” Seeing people my own age along a trail can sometimes tell me more about the level of difficulty than trail ratings, a scale which I find varies dramatically from place to place. But I appeared to be at the top end of the “geezer meter” on this trail. At least on this particular Sunday, there was nothing but younger people.

I have a pet peeve, and that is parents who bring small children (and small dogs!) on a hike this steep and rocky. Although this trail is pretty wide and well defined toward the bottom, once you reach the top third, it is all but “bouldering” to the top, with no defined steps or hand rails, and no guarantee the rock you step on next is stable. One guy was even carrying an infant in a “Look, Ma! No hands!” type cotton sling around his neck. I saw many reluctant small dogs and crying children being dragged along, all for the sake of the summit. One set of parents had the right Idea. At the juncture where the path turned challenging, they sat down on a rock and said to the kids, “We made it! See the view?? Now let’s go play in the playground!” The kids were delighted to turn around and race to the bottom, having never made it to the summit.

The Pinnacle of the Pinnacle

I have enjoyed following autumn’s leading edge from the beginning of October on the Canadian border, all the way down to Thanksgiving in the Ouachita Mountains.   But I get a sense Mother Nature is trying to tell me something…

8 thoughts on “Pinnacle Mountain State Park

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Suzzane! Appropriate photos for turkey day. And I, for one, appreciate the “sunset” pics:).
    Those mountains you are in (Ozarks) extend over into Oklahoma…some drama there, and backroads. Never knew Oklahoma had mountains…
    Box Canyon Mark

    • Thanks, BCB Mark! “Some drama” in Texas too, but I have to face it sooner or later. 😉 Next stop, crossing the State Line.

      I hope you and Bobbie are having a nice holiday, and finding the warmth of family and friends to tide you over until you can return to those tantalizing trails! Happy Turkey Day!!

  2. Just outstanding, Suzanne… I have never ‘done’ the hike… my family has many times. I enjoy the view from the Visitor’s Center .. 😉

    I don’t know where you are now but Arkansas has wonderful state parks. Petit Jean and Mt. Magazine … Buffalo National River… where are you???

  3. I have to LOL at you describing yourself as a geezer. HA! What gorgeous views. And such lovely fall colors. Seems like winter with 27 here in South Georgia. Hope you have better luck than I’m having locating the warm places. I thought I was headed in the right direction but so far, not so much. Congrats to the parents with a brain and what are they thinking to those others. Isn’t that some sort of child abuse……adult ego gratification at the expense of the feelings of others? Love the shadow picture. Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are warm!!

    • Sherry, I was definitely the only one “pushing 60” on that summit climb! I have good endurance for long distances, but I am sllloooooooooowwww! Old lady slow!! LOL! It is still nippy here in Arkansas, but they are saying we will be up to 57 on Saturday! A heat wave! Hope it is headed your way! Will you cross over to Cumberland Island? My favorite GA campsite when I was a tent camper!

  4. I’ve been reading you blog for several months and think it is really cool that you are visiting my neck of the woods. If you are looking for something else to do while here check out the Old Mill in North Little Rock. It was shown in the opening scene of the movie Gone with the Wind. It also features many examples of an old technique using concrete to imitate wood.

    • Thanks, Dennis, and I appreciate the comment! I am a few days behind with the blog. I wasn’t quite ready to leave NLR, but the little RV Park was full due to a football game, so I moved on to Hot Springs for a few days. Now, I am in Lake Ouachita State Park — Beautiful here! About to bundle up for the “scenic boat tour” offered by the park service. I am looking forward to getting out on that beautiful lake…just hope I don’t come back covered with icicles! Thanks for following along…

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