Pimp my Ride!

I got an early Christmas present from my brother Don, who was born with all the “Einstein Smarts” in the family.  He is solely responsible for all the hook-ups in my RV which enable me to roam about the USA (and Mexico!) as if I were sitting in a traditional home office.   He has hooked me up with everything from Yagi antennas to VOIP portable phones, all enabling me to do my job in the far reaches of Verizon-dom.

DC Circuit Board?

When he came to New York to visit me in the RV last September, we discussed my “wish list” of modifications that would make life in the RV a little easier.   He also had some ideas of his own, being the considerate brother that he is, worried about his only sister climbing up the ladder of the RV to hoist a five foot antenna pole to improve the Verizon signal.  So after a few trips to Lowes and a whole lot of online ordering, all the parts were assembled in time for my return to Texas.

My Winnie is on the operating table!

Are you SURE there’s a hole in there??

So here are all the things “Santa Bro” brought me for Christmas (at my own 6th grade level of comprehension)

  • New power outlet in the bedroom bringing both AC and DC power to the View J-model corner bed for laptop and phone charging.  Previously, in order to use the laptop from the bedroom, I had to string the power cords across the bathroom door and crawl over them to get in the bathroom.
  • A permanent collapsible omni-directional marine antenna on the roof
  • A new in-panel volt meter to monitor battery levels / amperage use
  • An external cable port, longer/stronger antenna pole with clamps and carrying compartment for Yagi antenna.  When omni-directional signal is not strong enough, Yagi antenna takes over.
  • Permanent lighted storage for VOIP equipment, making it no longer necessary to stow and reassemble phone system with every repositioning move.
  • DC power to run VOIP phone, so I can work without requiring hookups.
  • Back-up USB device and router to resolve Verizon mi-fi “multiple user” conflict that plagues Verizon JetPack firmware.
  • New in-sink soap dispenser in kitchen (not pictured.)

If I can’t clean the inside, I’ll clean the outside!!

New stealth storage…

I tried to steady myself as one by one, the parts came apart.  First the microwave, then the cabinets, as it felt like my little cocoon was being turned inside out.  I constantly reminded him, “Please remember, this is my only home!”   But he worked tirelessly and took extra pains to make everything look “factory fresh.”  In the end, everything went back together perfectly.

But I would have to wait to enjoy the new “mods.”  Mexico is calling…

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