My First Mod!

For those friends reading who might not be familiar with the RVer’s lingo, “mod” is for “modification.”   Mods typically involve some sort of innovation or improvement born out of an idea for greater comfort level or conveniencce.  Or in some cases, it can also be for bragging rights born out of shameless ego from morphing the RV manufacturer’s original design into that of your own.   In my case, it was born out of necessity.


I can’t even claim it as my own, as I found the idea on the Yahoo group. But that has not stopped me from enjoying it any less. Or from beaming with pride as if I had chopped down the tree and carved the doors myself!


Panel removed…

In my Winnie J-model, the space beneath the corner bed in the rear contains the greatest potential for storage.   What woman does not appreciate being able to store a myriad of sins under the bed?   But in the J-model, this cavernous-by-RV-standards space can only be accessed by lifting the bed.   Granted, there is a small hydraulic lift to make this a little easier.   However, the previous owner threw in a nice big thick memory foam mattress topper (not pictured,) making this “lift” virtually impossible for a wimp with no upper body strength like me.

Here is where the creativity comes in….some guy discovered that the curved doors over the kitchen sink are cut to the exact same curvature as the panel under the J-bed.

A few spare parts from Winnebago, a saw, and “voila,” a half a closet!  I like to think some guy was sitting there, kicked back in his swivel seat, sipping a fine microbrew when the lightbulb went off.   “Hey…..Wonder….just wonder…if….”

Extra doors and hardware from Winnebago

Not only can I not claim the originality for this genius modification, I can’t even claim the work.   I asked the home builder who built my brother’s home for a recommendation, and he sent me to Steve.  I removed the under-bed panel myself, and took it over to his workshop to get an estimate.   As we were talking, I was complementing the beautiful cabinetry work surrounding us.   Suddently, he began to open the cabinets, revealing beds in all sizes behind those beautifully carved panels.   If you are ever in the market for a “wall bed,” this is your guy….

Meanwhile, I am loving the new egress to my “Girl-Cave.”   😉

3 thoughts on “My First Mod!

  1. Wow! I had no idea that cubby was so big in the J….you’re now giving me thoughts of trading in my H model! Love, LOVE, those new doors– what a beautiful mod. Always better to store the myriad of sins beneath the bed (rather than in it)!

    Hope you made it to Austin o.k. and are off to having a wonderful trip with your new rolling home!

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