Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Back in early 2011 when I first informed my friends and family that I was considering full timing in an RV once my Atlanta house sold, most expressed shock while others dismissed in disbelief.   All except for my brother Don.   Having been an RV owner himself for many years, his only “shock” was why it took me so long to finally come around to his way of thinking.  😉    Shortly after my declaration of intent, Don sent me a link Continue reading

The Coast is Not Clear, But I Am

In revisiting the small coastal towns along this route, I keep asking myself, “What exactly did I find to do in this town for a whole week last time?” I have to continually remind myself “You were working 8 hours a day, five days of that week.” Although I may have spent a week in that town, by the time I accounted for the work week plus drive time on the weekends, I really only had a day to explore. Since I have more time for exploring on this trip, I looked forward to prodding and probing deeper in each stop along the way while revisiting some of my favorite destinations. Only I am finding I may have allotted more time than I need. Continue reading