A Few of My Favorite Things…

During my 2014 tour through the Pacific Northwest, I must have thought a thousand times, “Oh, Don would LOVE this place!” Some of our greatest outdoor adventures have been trips we have taken together, from my Dad’s cross country road trips from Texas to Knotts Berry Farm as kids, to tent camping in the wilds of Alaska. We even rented a nine-speed manual gear shift RV with a steering wheel on the “wrong side” to tour Continue reading

Enough About Lighthouses for Now, Let’s EAT!

After my weekend lighthouse crawl, it is now late Sunday evening, and I need to find a place to settle in for the work week.  Newport looks like a good option as it is a big enough town to guarantee a decent signal, as well as lots of access to conveniences.   I decide on the Newport Marina and RV Park under the famous Yaquina Bridge, another designed by bridge engineer Conde McCullough.   I like the idea of parking at a marina near the water alongside the boats. Continue reading