Feliz Año Nuevo from the Fun Side of the Wall!

In light of the news lately, one of my dear friends asked me, “What will you do if he follows through on his threat to close the border?” My answer? “Party on…after all, I’m on the fun side of the wall!” 

This past year has felt both toxic and chaotic beyond the point of description. I am happy to see the winds of change blow 2018 on out the door. And as the cacophony of church bells peel outside my window near the Jardin in San Miguel de Allende marking the approach of 2019, I feel those winds also blowing in the promise of hope. As the old Chinese proverb goes, “When the winds of change blow, some build walls while others build windmills.”

I am eager for the change brought forth by a new year with a profound degree of hope that we will soon turn the corner toward a more respectful society, smarter use of our natural resources, and a more inclusive direction for our country; one that works not behind walls, but with a global vision.

May peace, happiness, abundance, and good health be with you in the coming year…

San Miguel de Allende skyline.

Beautiful fountain inside San Miguel’s biblioteca, or library.

Beautiful Mercado SANO (Sustainable, Artisanal, Natural, & Organic)

Organic SANO market used to only happen on Saturdays, but now 7 days a week,

Hot air balloons at sunrise over San Miguel

This picture makes me laugh, as the two women have their noses buried in their phones as these characters walk by (or maybe they are faster than me, and they are already posting to instagram!)

This restaurant has a giant window open to the street, so you can watch what’s cooking.

“Mexico is the sh*t.” That’s a compliment, right?

Not exactly stealth…

“The Frankenbug” with California plates. Wonder if it drove down?

My brother Don’s Navion, just back in San Miguel’s RV park after a year through Guatemala and Honduras.

The three-dimensional door leading in to Fat Boy Grill and motorcycle museum.

Fat Boy’s Bar and Grill…great burgers!

But my favorite is still Andy’s Street Tacos. Best Tacos al Pastor I’ve ever tasted!

A four dollar dinner. Tacos al Pastor with cilantro and a sliver of pineapple, topped with a grilled green onion.


25 thoughts on “Feliz Año Nuevo from the Fun Side of the Wall!

  1. That $4 taco looked awesome. Another fascinating entry to start the new year. Thanks and the best wishes for your 2019.
    Allen and Deede
    from cold, rainy, dreary New England

  2. Happy New Year Suzanne! I always look forward to your posts and pics. I echo your sentiments for a different 2019 for this country! Happy trails!

  3. Happy New Year my friend! My hope for 2019 is same as yours. Thank yo for sharing, it’s stunning there. Enjoy your time and come visit!

    • Thank you, my dear friend. I am grateful for your long time friendship, and look forward to seeing you in the coming year! Happiest of New Years to you, Chris, and Isabella!

  4. You are definitely on the fun side of the wall. As far as the winds of change, from your lips to (deity of your choice’s) ear. Your current location is just beautiful and I am so happy for you to be there. The tacos look great.

    • Thanks, Allison. Hope you and Jim have the best of new years in your new home! Here’s to Bougainvillea World Domination. 😉

  5. And Happy New Year to you Suzanne “on the fun side of the wall.!” I certainly hope your wish for change in the coming year comes true, we all could use a change for the better………

  6. “It’s not nice to lust…it’s not nice to lust…it’s not nice to….” So happy you are finding joy in paradise…hope the new year brings more and more of the same, Suzanne… 🙂

  7. Woke up to a dusting of snow up here in my little guest house looking down on Tucson! Wish I could attach a photo…it was really quite a spectacular way to ring in 2019. But this post is soooo enticing…definitely on the fun side of the wall! I had to smile when I spotted the faces peaking out on the “characters” walking by.

    Wish you (and the rest of us sorry souls) ALL the best in 2019! Have a wonderful time down there!


  8. If we don’t have hope, then we just succumb to the madness. Here’s to a new year, filled with many adventures, good health, lots of laughter, and a healthy dose of hope for our environment and for humanity.

  9. Yes we are on the fun side of the wall and I am more than happy to stay here. Lovely photos of SMA. Happy that you and Don made your annual New Years’ date. ll the best in 2019, somehow there will be many new adventures for you.

  10. That skewer of taco meat looks like shawarma – mmmm! Well wishes to you and your big brother for the new year. Love you!

  11. Your photos are so incredibly colorful, especially for this time of year for us on this side of the wall. Glad all is well with you. New Year’s looks like a beautiful time to be in Mexico

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