Same Ole San Miguel?

It was my sixth or seventh trip to San Miguel de Allende. I’ve lost count of the visits there spanning from two weeks to two months since 2007. My brother Don first broke the news that he had read about this mountain town / artist community that some gringos consider utopia in old Colonial Mexico, so he was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser down from Texas for a month to check it out. He had received a book for Christmas, Tony Cohan’s On Mexican Time, a book that would prompt a permanent paradigm shift for us both about our neighbors to the south. Continue reading

Happy in the Jardin

From Thanksgiving amidst the red rocks of the great Southwest to the Jardin at midnight in San Miguel de Allende in one blog post, I have some ‘splainin’ to do.   One of my intentions after retiring was to finally get the blog into “real time,” and we see how that has gone.  I can’t seem to get caught up, no matter how hard I try.  Do I dare make this a resolution? Continue reading

A New Year, A New Town…

The internet is such a blessing and a curse. I can’t bear to think back on how hard it was to make travel arrangements back in the “olden days” before the likes of Trip Advisor, Frommers, and a few dozen blogger opinions on every destination under the UN.  As an ex-travel agent, I have no desire to return to the days of the OAG and waiting on hold for the airlines while hand-writing tickets.

However, the speed at which popular travel destinations can now become “too popular” can certainly kill a good “discovery buzz” in a hurry. Continue reading

BORED-er Crossing

Off and on for the past several years, some faction of my family has made a trek to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico to celebrate the holiday season.  This year, my brother Don and I planned to start the new year right by spending the month of January across the border in our “home away from home.”   Eager to outrun the dropping mercury, Continue reading


I always figure a good way to judge the historical beauty and cultural richness of a destination is to check the UNESCO World Heritage Listing. At 31 sites, Mexico has more than most, but for good reason.

Whenever I tell my friends I am vacationing in Mexico, I usually get comments like “Which coast?” or “Just throw in a swimsuit, some sunscreen, and a pair of flip flops, and that’s all you need, right?” It is such a pity that as Mexico’s closest neighbor, US citizens probably have the least amount of knowledge of all that the country has to offer. Thankfully, UNESCO has not taken the same “sun-centric” view.

UNESCO World Heritage Marker, Morelia, MX

Continue reading