The Grand Finale and Good Trumps Evil

This is my last post on 2017 Holy Week, I promise.  But as my first “Semana Santa,” there is much to absorb and share.

After two weeks of watching from the sidelines in Guanajuato as the Easter story plays out, the routes, costumes, statues, and backdrop have all become familiar.    As we approach the “Grand Finale” of Easter Sunday, I am curious to know what the celebration is like in nearby San Miguel de Allende, known for its vibrant color and culture. Continue reading

Religiosity and A Game of Clue

The festivities progress over the weekend with Palm Sunday the finale for the first week, then continue on into the following week.  But unlike San Miguel de Allende which is a heavily touristed area, there are no billboards or English-print newspapers with the Semana Santa schedule published.   News of activities gets communicated via a Meet-up site, but one must be vigilant about monitoring the site.  Even then, events are described in Spanish (go figure!) and therefore not always easy to weigh the Continue reading

Dia de los Flores, Day of the Flowers

Aside from the week leading up to Christmas, there is no greater celebration in Mexico than that of “Semana Santa,” Holy Week.  Only it is now more like “Dos Semanas Santos” as it spans almost two full weeks with the lead-up in preparation and festivities being almost as exciting as the Holy Week itself. Continue reading