Outrun the Cold vs. Outwait the Government

Outrun the cold, or outwait the government?  That was my dilemma earlier this week.

One of my “bucket list” items is to get to as many of the official National Parks as possible.   The one park on the east coast I have not yet visited is Shenandoah National Park in Virginia.  Since it is in my direct path southward, I had planned to visit it right after I toured Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater.”  So I decided to try to wait out the government shut-down, in spite of the fact that 30 degree temperatures are on their way, putting an end to the “unseasonable” sixties I have been enjoying.

Lunchtime hike to Scenic Overview near Kentuck Campground

There were only three camping spots left here at Ohiopyle State Park for next week, because they are closing down all the camping loops but two.  So I had to make a call…pay for another week and try to wait out the shut-down, or forgo the Shenandoah NP in hopes that I would make it this far east again one day.

The deciding factor for me was two-fold.  Having the park almost all to myself in the middle of golden autumn has been like a drug to me.  It is like having my own private cabin in the woods.

But more importantly, I have both a screaming Verizon and AT&T signal here!   That is the best reception for work I have had since I left North Carolina!

Kentuck Cubicle

The topographical maps had indicated little chance for any kind of cell signal here, as the State Park appeared to be deep in a gorge surrounded by mountains on all sides.  However, Ohiopyle State Park is HUGE!   So even though the Park Office is at the bottom of the gorge, the Kentuck Campground is located on a bluff on a very steep hilltop.

This news came much to my Winnie’s dismay.   Good thing I didn’t know what was in front of me, and had no place to turn around, otherwise I might have given up before I started.   It was by far my biggest hill so far, chugging down to first gear to make it up the steep, two-lane incline.  Once I arrived at the top of the hill and saw the four bars of signal, sweet relief overcame the adrenalin that was coursing through my veins.  When I got out to register at the camp office, I realized my knees were weak.

The woman at the desk said, “You didn’t come in that way, did you?   I don’t even like to drive that road in my jeep!” 

She informed me that there was a back way for “large RVs.”   Not that I consider myself “large” by any means, but guaranteed I will be exiting the back way, I don’t care if it is a few miles out of the way!

Anyway, now that I am here, I decided I could deal with the 30 degree temperatures easier than I could deal with the dropped calls and VPN disconnects every 15 minutes, so I paid for another week.

The very next morning, news came that the shutdown was over…

Two miles from campground, worthy of a repeat!

4 thoughts on “Outrun the Cold vs. Outwait the Government

  1. FLW was my kind of Architect…I would love to see Falling Waters, but have seen it on TV.
    On another note, your rig won’t be that clean once you get out west (if you are going to the right places) so enjoy it. 🙂
    Box Canyon Mark

    • Thanks, Jeanne! I really have enjoyed my time here, in spite of the fact that it feels like 30 miles from everything. The only down side is, I am forced to eat my own cooking. LOL!

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