Morning Along the Mazatlan Malecón

The Christmas holiday now behind me, I was ready to leave El Fuerte and continue my journey south, but since I had gone straight through on the El Chepe train without getting off to overnight along the route, I now had a couple of days to kill before meeting up with Don in Oaxaca for New Years.

Mexico has a very extensive bus system, but when traveling long distances across the country, all roads lead to Mexico City, my connecting point to Oaxaca.  In looking at the map, it appeared that I would need to pass right through Mazatlan on my way to Mexico City.  And what a coincidence that three bloggers that I follow happened to be in Mazatlan right now!   Lynne from WinnieViews, Evelyn from the Wanderlets (both Winnebago View owners, caravanning through Mexico) and Contessa from 5C’s Que Pasa were all just a boat ride away on the Isla de la Piedra, just outside of Mazatlan!    So after a few email exchanges to be sure there was a hotel nearby where I could stay, I was on my way!    A few days of sun, sand, and sea would be a much needed, otherwise unplanned treat after the snowy mountain train ride.

It was a two hour bus ride from El Fuerte to Los Mochis, with another six hours to Mazatlan, which meant I wouldn’t arrive until after dark.  Not wanting to make my way across the shipping channel to the Isla in the dark, I asked Lynne for suggestions of where to say on the mainland until the next morning.  She suggested I stay around Plazuela Machado, where we could meet the next day for lunch, and she would show me the way back to Tres Amigos RV Park on the Isla.

Christmas holiday in Mexico runs right into Kings Day, so the celebration doesn’t stop until the 6th January.   I found a clean budget hotel two blocks off the square for $30 per night, then set off to enjoy the festivities still spilling over from Christmas Day.

I wasn’t due to meet Lynne until lunchtime the next day, so I had a few hours to explore “Old Mazatlan,” the more historic quaint area of the old town, far from the high-rise zone.  I took a fast walk down the Malecón along the sea to take a few photos.  Mazatlan seems to have quite a fascination with nude sea creatures, right down to the anatomical details.

Here are a few scenes from Morning along the Malecón:

The eastern sun spared the “full frontal” in gold leaf!

Note the cliff diver!

Mazatlan’s malecón, or waterfront is the longest in the world, running alongside the sea for 13 miles.

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  1. There seems to be a theme in those first 4 pictures. What a great looking town. do all Mexican towns seem so much more alive and colorful than anything in the US???

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