Tres Amigas at Tres Amigos RV Park

No problem spotting Lynne on the Plazuela Machado on a quiet morning following Christmas Day. We got caught up over a couple of Fish Burgers, then headed off to explore Isla de la Piedra, or Stone Island, just a short distance from Old Mazatlan.

Typical “pulmonia,” or cross between a Jeep and a golf cart for jetting around Mazatlan

Lynne from WinnieViews and me enjoying the pulmonia ride on the way to the embarcadero.

Most taxis in Mazatlan come in the form of a cross between a jeep and a golf cart called a “pulmonia” also known as “a whole lot more fun than a taxi!” It was a short 10 minute ride to the Embarcadero where we would catch a small boat or “panga” over to the island.

Fresh catch of the day along the Embarcadero Sur in Old Mazatlan

Lazy pelicans waiting for a hand-out.

Tres Amigos RV Park occupies prime real estate, right on what seems like an infinite stretch of beach on this sleepy little peninsula. There is little more here than a small village, a promising botanical garden, several beachside restaurants, and large coconut plantations. There are two areas , RV 1 and RV 2 on either side of the Maria Coral Hotel, where Lynne and Contessa had negotiated me a “friends of the RV Park” rate. Three whole days with nothing to do but swim, walk the beach, and visit with mi tres amigas!

My hotel, the Maria Coral sits right in between RV 1 and RV 2 parks on the beach.

The view from outside my door could almost make me homesick!

The park is mostly Canadian snowbirds staying the winter, with a few transients along the way. Lynne from Chicago and Evelyn from Colorado are representing the USA in the park, as well as classing up the place with a couple of good looking Winnebago Views! It made me miss my own Winnie, parked back in my parents driveway in Texas.

The Two Views! (Millie, and her personal beach assistant, Lynne.)

Contessa, the “Hostess with the Mostest” and her husband Colin were kind enough to invite us all over to their beautiful beachfront lot to witness one of the famous sunsets that Isla de la Piedra is so famous for, toasting the front row view with Happy Hour cocktails.

Although I have been following all three blogs for some time now, Lynne was the only one I had ever met in person. It was great fun getting to know Evelyn and Contessa, and hearing about “How we ended up on the Isla.”

Bloggers meet for sunset: (L to R: Evelyn, Lynne, Me, and Contessa, our hostess)

The Front Row of RV1

For any of my RVing friends who want to escape the wicked winter that seems to have come on us all too soon, I am told the drive from Nogales to Mazatlan is pretty easy as Mexico roads go…Fairly smooth toll roads with not too many “topes” (speed bumps, aka “sleeping policemen”) with plenty of room in RV 2! The sunsets alone are worth the drive!

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  1. Well now I know the answer to the question. If I could keep myself organized I’d have read these posts in order. Boy what a find. I think I’m going to have to start reading these very clever and resourceful women’s blogs. Hats off to you all!!

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