Never Idle on the Isla…

Although this is a quiet, sleepy little village, there is plenty to see and do here on the Isla de la Piedra to pass the days away. One can sit on the beach, parked in the shade of the palapa as the world turns. The produce truck arrives on schedule each morning selling fresh produce from Apples to Zucchini. If he doesn’t have it, he will find it for you. Vendors selling everything from shoes to sundresses show up throughout the day. Hot homemade tamales are easy to order up, and they will deliver…eventually. Whatever you want, wait long enough, and it will come to you.

There is an abundance of fresh seafood on the Isla.

Carts roll by offering fresh shucked oysters, ceveche

So many GREAT places to eat, like Aquachili Camarones from Carmalitas (Lynne: “Is that RAW?? Oh, you’re gonna DIE!!!”)

Aguachilis Camarones

Or “typico Chili Relleños y Caldo,” a wonderful traditional style Chili Relleño in broth.

Or the unanimous favorite, flan for dessert from Carmalitas

Did I mention there was an abundance of seafood on the Isla?

Choose your fish for lunch

And then there is the entertainment. Take a ringside seat in RV1, and watch the village roll by on their way through their daily life.

Listen to a little music…

There’s gardening for the RVer with a green thumb…

These snowbirds brought their own greenhouse!

Playing an endless game of “Chase the Stick” with Millie

Attend Contessa’s “International Bloggers Conference and Burrito Bar.” In attendance were 3 bloggers from Canada and 3 from the USA convening in Mexico, all with different yet interesting answers to the question, “Why do you blog?”  (See Contessa’s post on the conference for links to each individual’s blog)

Contessa hosts “International Bloggers Conference.” (L to R: Maria, Contessa, Lynne, Me, Roger, Susie, and Evelyn)

And last but certainly not least, “Kayaking Adventures with Lucy and Ethel!”

Lynne from WinnieViews has a new GoPro Camera. Watch here as “Lucy and Ethel” try to figure out how to film their kayaking adventure without sending the camera or themselves overboard for an unintended swim.

I had so much fun during my stay on the Isla, where there is rarely an idle moment!

6 thoughts on “Never Idle on the Isla…

  1. OK how did you know you were going to meet up with this group having such a great time? I just don’t know how you do it. First a cool train ride to see your brother. Really? And now this fabulous spot with this great group of people. Definitely wish I could be there. Lucy and Ethel are worth the price of admission alone. Did you take the footage? What camera? Amazing….love the “sound track”. Boy do I sound as envious as I feel?????

  2. You summed up life on the Isla pretty well. And that was a pretty nice picture you posted of me. I will have to wear that Walmart dress more often!

  3. If I weren’t already on the Isla I would want to come here, pronto! Your post portrays it’s beauty and laid back lifestyle. With Mazatlan and all it offers being just a 10 minute panga ride across the shipping channel it makes for a perfect winter retreat.

    • Hi, Mike — it was just about perfect, in the low 80’s during the day, and down to the high 60’s at night. I was never hot during the day, and always needed a little sweater (or fire pit!) once the sun went down. Since we were right on the beach, it may have been a bit cooler than in Mazatlan, but I was surprised it was not hotter than it was. I always get hot on the beaches of Mexico, but this one was just about perfect, though they said it was warmer this year than in years past. Thanks for stopping by! Suzanne

  4. Sherry — Lynne has one of those “GoPro” cameras that you can put at the end of a pole extension and film yourself. 😉 It has a waterproof casing, so we were passing the batton back and forth, having lots of laughs with the camera.

    Evelyn — Yes, the “Walmart dress” is perfect for sunny Mexico (or Florida!) Quite a find, indeed.

    Contessa — I think that is what made the Isla even more charming, is to have such a quiet, remote feel, yet be just minutes from any creature comforts you could ever need! It is calling me back already.

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