Uncork New York!

The Finger Lakes region is known for its wineries. The steep sloping sunny hillsides around the deep cool lakes offer the perfect growing temperatures and good drainage, providing ideal ground moisture levels for vineyards. Of the eleven lakes in the region, three of them offer a “wine trail.” Never one to pass up an adult beverage, I drove two out of the three, the Cayuga and Seneca Wine Trails.

It’s funny, last time I toured a wine region, you actually went through the winery, learned how the wine was made, saw the aging process in the giant oak barrels, and then got to have a taste at the end. Seems like nowadays, the “tour” involves leaving your SUV Limo idling in the circular driveway while the group goes straight to the tasting room and slams down five shooters for three bucks. Pay an extra two, and you get to keep the souvenir glass. “Speed tasting!”

“Lively Run Goat Dairy” offers a nice break in between wineries….uuuumm, Goatsmilk Blue!

It was harvest time in the vineyards while I was there. I had visions of Lucille Ball in her bare feet, stomping grapes in the barrel, but in fact, the only human intervention that appears to come into play is driving one of these “tractors on stilts,” and stacking the crates to await pick-up for market.

The region is most known for their sweet white wines like Riesling and Gewürztraminer, with a few light-bodied reds. Most of the Finger Lakes wines were way too sweet for my taste, each with a high amount of residual sugar, or the amount of sugar that remains after fermentation. None are the “muscular” reds like Cabernet Sauvignon or Malbec that I typically prefer. I also find the higher the residual sugar level, the worse the hangover. 😉


Nice alternative to typical “speed tasting” is to offer pairings with gourmet crackers

However, I did find one red that I liked well enough to actually purchase. It was a blend of Cabernet Franc and Lemberger, both light-bodied reds.

Of course, the fact that I bought a bottle had nothing to do with the name of the winery…

Anthony Road Winery. On Anthony Road. Near Anthony Beach. Suits me!

“A waltz and a glass of wine invite an encore.” ~ Johann Strauss

2 thoughts on “Uncork New York!

  1. I began life in central NY and although we live in MA now, we return to the Finger Lake wine country every few years just to enjoy the scenery and of course the wine. As with you the sweet whites do not please us, but a good sweet white for turkey dinner is always a good bet. The owners of Wagner winery spent a good hour explaining to us why their weather and sun days do not allow them to produce the drier wines that we can acquire from California, New Zealand, and South America. We do love to do the taste tours. On our first trip to Watkins Glen with out the children a few years back we decided to drive around Seneca Lake and hit every vineyard with a sampling room. We made it up about half way on the east shore of the lake and gave up the tasting as I do not drive in the condition that would have put me in. We now select a half a dozen in the area and behave. I love your pictures and am developing a need to go visit again.
    PS I am a RV wannabee, still haven’t won the lottery.

    • Thank you, Allen! What a nice comment. My next post is going to be on Watkins Glen…working on it now. WOW, what a beautiful place! I have really enjoyed my time in the Finger Lakes. Lots to do, and so much beauty! I never won the lottery either, I just did a whole lot of careful research…which all started with reading a couple of harmless blogs. haha! Keep dreaming, it will happen!

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