Called by the Lure of the Sea

Aaaaaahhhhh… that feels better! Nothing sooths my desert scorched nerves like the sight of the ocean. And nothing needed soothing like my desert scorched nerves!IMG_2279

I hadn’t originally planned to return to San Diego, but I had a few things I wanted to get done here. First and foremost, I needed a beach fix. And the fact that my favorite beach here just happens to be across the bike path from the brewery, well….

27th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel-Aged Double Chocolate Imperial Stout, perhaps the most perfect beer my lips have ever tasted!

27th Anniversary Bourbon Barrel-Aged Double Chocolate Imperial Stout, perhaps the most perfect beer my lips have ever tasted!

Walking path next to Mission Bay RV Park

Walking path next to Mission Bay RV Park


When I was in San Diego last year, I bought a silver starfish necklace at the Ocean Beach Market. As so often is the case, it took me forever to decide to buy it. I am not exactly a “bling” kind of person, or even a shopper for that matter. And besides, it was nearing the boundary of my frivolity budget.  Finally, at the last possible minute as we were all leaving Pizza Port down the block from the market, my friend Allison said “Go! Get it! If you don’t, you will regret it!”  I knew she was right, so I ran all the way back to the market and bought the necklace just as they were packing up for the night. The little starfish was mine! It quickly became one of my favorite possessions. The tentacles of the starfish were contoured perfectly to lay flat against my breast bone, and I often times found myself fondling the pendant this past year whenever I felt the need for comfort of a memory of a happier time.

Ocean Beach Market.  Check out the guy on the right.  "Casual Friday meets Pants on the Ground."

Ocean Beach Market. Check out the guy on the right. “Casual Friday meets Pants on the Ground.”


When I was in Virgin, Utah last November, I removed the necklace before going into the hot tub. I thought I had tucked it away safely, but it must have fallen out of my pocket. I looked for it everywhere, and even called the office to see if anyone had turned it in, leaving my phone number just in case. I usually have pretty good luck in recapturing things that are lost, but not in this instance.

I knew returning to the Ocean Beach market a year later to find the same necklace was a ridiculous long shot. But I also remembered the vendor had several of them in her display case. So it seemed like a worthy quest. Besides, the worst that could happen is I would have the consolation prize of pizza and beer from Pizza Port.

Colorful swiss chard from the Ocean Beach market.

Colorful Swiss chard from the Ocean Beach market.

Rare gray day in San Diego

Rare gray day in San Diego

With a cold snap on the way, the temperature had dropped about 20 degrees in the past 24 hours, and a fog layer was rolling in over the beach. It was beginning to mist rain. Not a good sign for a night market. What had been a packed beach just days before was now a rare sight…empty. So I hoped the market would still be on, come rain or shine.

I got there early as the market was setting up. I went straight for the area where I remembered the vendor to be last year. I quickly scanned the table as she was setting up. “Do you have any silver starfish pendants?” I waited patiently as she rummaged through her supplies, until she came up with a replica of my lost necklace. SOLD! The little starfish is now mine, the tentacles clutched around my heart once more!IMG_0114

I realize I could have replaced the necklace online in a fraction of the time, and probably a fraction of the cost as well. But I needed the memory to go along with it…(and the beer!) 😉

14 thoughts on “Called by the Lure of the Sea

  1. Why did tears well up when I read of your being able to replace your sweet necklace? Sometimes it is the strangest thing that will capture our hearts and bring comfort . . . just knowing it is there.

    Being of the same thoughts as you about jewelry and such, I find that I am attached similarly to my anniversary present from Apple, wherein a gold apple on a chain is studded with five small diamonds. I never wear it now that I have been away from Apple for 22 years (EEK!), but when I worked there, I wore it every day. It languishes in our safety deposit box, but I KNOW it is there, and am comforted.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. Sometimes our possessions carry a far more significant value and meaning than the superficial or obvious. So glad your little star is with you once more to guide, comfort, and make your heart happy.

  3. I find it annoying loosing something especially when you’ve been careful, so pleased you managed to replace it. Although sometimes you can be lucky and have something turn up a while after loosing it. I lost my binocular caps on a nature reserve and a month later some children found them and handed them in. Beach fixes are good, and gets it out of the system, although I’m not sure about chocolate flavoured beer. I’ve tried it, but prefer my beer traditional. Where’s the shots of you riding the waves !!!!

  4. That stout sounds and looks amazing!! I will definitely have to give try next time:)

    So glad you were able to replace your necklace. I was wondering what it looked like so I’m pleased you posted a photo. Very cool:)

  5. Sometimes, it’s a good thing to just treat ourselves with something beautiful, which the necklace truly is. Besides, I’m sure the beach fix and beer were totally worth it.

  6. So glad you could replace that little starfish. Losing things feels just so sad and so, well, frustrating. So many times they can’t be replaced at all. I can only imagine how good it feels to have it back, or it’s sister at least.

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