The Bus, The Backpack, and The Baja

My long time friend Margie (not to be confused with “Marcia” in the last post)  lives in El Cajon, just outside of San Diego. I have known her for 24 years. Back in 1993 when I decided to change everything about my life, get myself out of a bad marriage, sell my house and car, and transfer from Texas to Manhattan for a new job, Margie was my first New York friend. I had accepted a transfer as National Account Manager for American Express. My client would be the United Nations, and I would have an office on the 19th floor of the Secretariat Building. A big leap for a farm girl from Texas. Continue reading

One if by Land, Two if by Sea

While I was in San Diego, I decided to call on a “friend of a friend.” My best sailing pal Nancy back in New York has a friend, Marcia, who lives full time on a 38 ft. Hunter in the marina on Harbor Island. I have long had a dream to live aboard a sailboat. In fact, were it not for my poor chart navigation skills, it might have been a sailboat rather than an RV… Continue reading

Called by the Lure of the Sea

Aaaaaahhhhh… that feels better! Nothing sooths my desert scorched nerves like the sight of the ocean. And nothing needed soothing like my desert scorched nerves!IMG_2279

I hadn’t originally planned to return to San Diego, but I had a few things I wanted to get done here. First and foremost, I needed a beach fix. And the fact that my favorite beach here just happens to be across the bike path from the brewery, well…. Continue reading

San Diego Scenes, Pt 1 of 5 — “The Markets…and the Beer!”

I am woefully behind on my blog, as usual. I am just now telling of an arrival in San Diego, while the rest of my friends and fellow bloggers have long moved on. So the next five posts will be short on prose, as I attempt to capture the essence of my two weeks in San Diego in subtitles…

First up…The Markets. And Beer! Continue reading