San Diego Scenes, Pt 5 of 5 — “The Beach, The Burgers…and the Beer!”

I have long said that San Diego has “absence of weather.” It is so damned near perfect here that I can’t even feel the air on my skin most times. When my friend Margie relocated from Manhattan to San Diego, I got annoyed with her always posting daily updates on Facebook to remind us all that the weather was “Sunny, 78 degrees, winds light and variable.” Continue reading

Summer’s not over till….

My dear friend always says “Summer’s not over till I say it’s over!”   I like that philosophy.   I like it even more now that I can say “Summer’s not over till I can’t drive any further south!”

When people ask me what I miss most about New York, my answer is always “good Chinese food, and the beach!”   The latter usually gets a double-take.  Continue reading