The Password is “Fresnel”

On my last visit to Mazatlan in 2013, there was one thing I wanted to do, but due to a commitment to meet Don in Oaxaca for New Years, there wasn’t time.    I wanted to climb “El Faro.”   And if you haven’t figured out by now, El Faro stands for
:::(drumroll):::   “The Lighthouse!” 

I knew very little about Mazatlan’s lighthouse….only that it was atop a very large hill at the end of the shipping channel, and was reported to offer spectacular views.   So given that it’s a lighthouse, and I am a self-proclaimed “lighthouse nut,” it was a must-do this visit. Continue reading

Having My Way in Westport

I leave Camp Granada feeling a bit traumatized.  As if my week of campground chaos has not been enough, as I am trying to make a fast and clean getaway, a nice young couple in an 800-4-RENT rig pulls in behind me at the dump station, just as I am gloving up.  The man approaches with some trepidation, and in a heavy British accent asks, “Mind if I watch?  This is my first time at this, and I don’t know how.   I am hoping you don’t mind if I look on?” Continue reading

Weekend Coastal Crawl, Part 1

It’s Friday afternoon on the last weekday of the month, and I am looking forward to a weekend “coastal crawl” of more gorgeous beaches and more lighthouses to explore!   I can’t leave until I finish my end of month reporting.  I am burning up the keyboard, feeling like a drooling puppy who has been caged all week, and is about to be let off leash to run for 48 hours!  Insert the word “LIGHTHOUSE!”  for “SQUIRRELL!!” Continue reading

Escape to the Cape

With the rally now behind me, I found myself facing a three day holiday weekend with no plans.  I had originally thought I might hang around Seven Feathers for the holiday, but it just wasn’t for me.  A gorgeous, immaculately manicured place, but it was too “homogenized” for an extended stay beyond the rally.  Not being a casino person, there didn’t seem to be much to do there, amidst a state with an abundance of hiking, biking, and beaches. Continue reading