Amour in Labrador!

Have you ever had one of those times when things just seem surreal? When you ask yourself “Is this reality, or maybe I have died, and this heaven?” Like a series of things that “never happen,” happen all at once?

I’ve had an ongoing love affair with lighthouses since I was a small child, allowed to climb the tower of the Port Isabel lighthouse on our family vacations to South Padre Island. So consider the irony that I end up spending the night with a lighthouse called “Amour,” defined as “a secret or illicit love affair or lover.” Continue reading

St. Anthony, Patron Saint of Icebergs

It’s 220 miles from Gros Morne to the end of the Northern Peninsula.  That’s a typical driving day for me.  I try not to go much more than 200 miles in stretch, but since I’m not towing, that should be a breeze.  Except for the breeze.  I don’t account for the strong, gusting crosswinds that blow in from the ocean at gale force, nor do I account for the road surface that looks like swiss cheese.  By the time I reach St. Anthony, the northernmost town on the peninsula, I feel like I have wrestled an angry elephant. Continue reading